Emre Can

  • Emre Can firstly I’ve only 1 future in him lol. I have a portfolio otherwise! However I’ve only been on the FI three months and getting my head around some stuff still Oviously some things are obvious others not so... this Emre Can going to Italy from Liverpool has made a huge drop in his price however why would joining a top club in Italy effect his price so much when he’s only £1 or just over anyway? Still qualify for PB and also the transfer MB if he’s over the 115 bar!! He’s German so wouldn’t he be going to World Cup in some capacity (sorry for my ignorance I’m not a Liverpool of Germany fan) anyone can explain the market sentiment on this one please? :-)

  • @NewUser93040

    One consideration is the dividends paid for future media headlines.
    These winners are sourced from inclusion in any of the 25 or so newspapers listed - which are UK based I believe.
    Get the winner for Liverpool on a Friday evening and you'll likely see a dividend, not so likely playing overseas.
    Might be the simplest explanation, however other factors could be more relevant.

  • Generally the premier league is the place to be unless you are a world class superstar or linked with a move to the premier league.

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