Race for the Leading Goalscorers

  • Been looking at something to drop a small amount into for a quick injection of pennies, and also a little fun.

    With the seasons drawing to a close I decided to look at the leading scorers and the race to be top dog.

    Spain looks like its a done deal with Messi leading by a mile and I doubt he will get caught, 33 goals already - 6 Spanish league games to go - its a question of how many more can he get? At £4.89 at the moment, £100 will get you 20 shares - will media bonus, IPD's be enough to tempt anyone? Oh and the Semi Final of the European Cup to play....plenty of dividends I reckon will be made on the little wonder.

    On the flip side, here in England its a totally different matter - its game on for the Golden Boot.

    Salah with 19 goals is £4.53 a share
    Aguero with 19 goals is £1.60 a share
    Aubameyang with 18 goals is £1.38 a share
    Mane with 18 goals is £2.40 a share
    Kane with 17 goals is £4.14 a share
    Sterling with 17 goals is £5.05 a share
    Hazard with 16 goals is £5.41 a share
    Vardy with 15 goals is £0.35 a share

    I think the value in England has got to be on Aguero, he will be stinging after the cup exit, Man City still have other fronts and I see him AND the team wanting to pip both Liverpool and Salah to title and golden boot. £100 gets up 62 shares - he will deffo smash in a few more goals before now and the end of the season - the risk I see with this one, is timing it right to get out towards the end of the 30 day period.......I also like the silly billy bet, and Vardy at 285 shares to £100, hes still got a couple of goals in him and expect him to go greedy, greedy, greedy with just 4 games left - tough opposition, but who knows - if you like a bit of a risk - this man may be the one that makes you a quick 20% ROI in just 30 days.

    France, well Mbappe is well ahead with 27 goals and I doubt he will get caught, £5.16 is quite a lot to shell out for just 19 shares, but with media bonuses he may be a shout - but as a divided pay out for a month of goal-scoring I would steer clear.

    Pepe at Lille with 19 goals would get you 40 shares as he stands at £2.48 at the moment, and Cavani at PSG with 17 goals would get you 172 shares, he stands at £0.58 and has done nothing but drop in price for ages, he is close to a return - is he worth a dabble??? I'm not sure.

    In Germany, Lewandowski may just have done enough, but with 5 games to go we could see a suprise.

    Lewandowski with 21 goals is £0.91
    Jovic with 17 goals is £2.54
    Alcacer with 16 goals is £0.84
    Reus with 16 goals is £0.79
    Kramaric with 15 goals is £0.66
    Poulsen with 15 goals is £0.56

    Bayern and Dortmund are only a point apart meaning Lewandowski, Alcacer and Reus are not only fighting for the title, but also the golden boot - with pressure on, could that leave the door open for someone to win the title of leading scorer in Germany? I just can't see past the top dog at the moment but can't see any value after the 30 days IPD and not sure the dividends would cover the commission on sale.

    Finally Italy......now this is where I see some cash to be made.

    Quagilarella with 22 goals is £0.38
    Zapata with 20 goals is £0.77
    Ronaldo with 19 goals is £2.14
    Milik with 17 goals is £0.81

    6 games left in Italy.....game on and look at the prices!!!! This is the place for me. 263 shares for 100 quid in Quagilarella, Sampdoria at best can push for 6th place, Quagilarella is entering his final seasons as a player, leads the charts, takes pens and from now until the end of the season should play ever game and hit at least another 2 or 3 goals, thats 5% ROI plus if timed right a small increase in player value.

    Zapata will be looked upon to keep the European Slot in the bag for Atalanta, £0.77 a share for a player that has only played in Italy, will he fancy a move to the Prem? Decent value if so, if he stays in Italy I just don't think so.

    Ronaldo is just Ronaldo, not a bad price - hes part of the project at Juve and will do the business again next season. Now out of Europe will he take every corner, free kick and just shoot on sight to get to the top of the scoring charts? Only 3 off top spot - he could easily hit a hat-trick in any game left this season, will that be today against Fiorentina? 46 shares from a ton?

    Milik is not a shoe in for a starting place, and at £0.81 I don't fancy him (and therefore he will end up winning the top spot lol!)

  • @Millerman with Sergio all day long but pep likes to leave him out when he can and play Jesus so it depends if he gets the games

  • @Jonah I think with the golden boot up for grabs as a gaffer the best team and the best striker (in numbers that is) is something I don’t think he will mess with.

    Sergio I think will get all the game time he needs. Does he take pens?

  • He missed his last pen which probably cost them a semi CL so maybe maybe not

  • Updated the opening post, if anyone has a tickle on any of these players - leave a screenshot with what you have gone with.

    I am caught between Quagilarella and Ronaldo, 263 shares or 46 shares? Say they both hit 4 goals and maybe set 1 goal up in the next month then its £13.15 against £2.30 in dividends.....but then I see Ronny having another cracking season next season and media bonuses. So its between a 30 day flip or a year bet.

    I already have 66 Quagilarella so do I top up or cover with a bit of Ronny??

  • Thought I would do a little update on this - just looking at England at the moment. Looks like its a race between the top 5 now, however I think its a little too much for Vardy, amazing that he is scoring goals and yet his price is dropping. I think it will rise again next season as it seems like he has re-found his fire under the new gaffer.

    Bonkers to think the player with the biggest increase is not even kicking a ball, and the largest drop is a player you will expect to be in the news all summer.

    I can't work out buying patterns at the moment.....

    Salah with 21 goals is £4.60 a share, was £4.53 a share. £0.07 increase.
    Mane with 20 goals is £2.48 a share, was £2.40 a share. £0.08 increase.
    Aguero with 20 goals is £1.53 a share, was £1.60 a share. £0.07 drop.
    Aubameyang with 19 goals is £1.35 a share, £1.38 a share. £0.03 drop.
    Vardy with 18 goals is £0.34 a share, was £0.35 a share. £0.01 drop.
    Kane with 17 goals is £4.35 a share, was £4.14 a share. £0.21 increase (without kicking a ball!)
    Sterling with 17 goals is £4.98 a share, was £5.05 a share. £0.07 drop.
    Hazard with 16 goals is £5.16 a share, was £5.41 a share. £0.25 drop.

  • @Millerman You missed off Piatek for the Capocannoniere.

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