People cashing out?

  • Looks like a lot of people cashing out atm with the index down over 80 points in the last couple of days. Guess itits rebalancing the books after Christmas. Probably a good time for people to buy players if you can afford it.

  • Is this for just buying top 200 players? Also as the site gets more and more popular will players prices naturally increase?

  • Yes ive took a huge hit on Lamela however he got a full match in at weekend along with Wanyama at moment You can get the pair for a total of £1-74 i see people stocking up on the english Premier League first team players That are still under £1 at the top 6 clubs ive cashed out abit myself today however Its because of a christmas overspend due to the tempomat offer... Maybe They should have a 5% january sale has a cashback with a play through would soften the blow about... You also need to remember Premier League between new year and 2 weeks in due to cup ties and Tonight for example No interest in the index due to the 7 a side between Malaga and Espanyol for the single match day... which should help Mr Colę has the players all flatline. i expect tonights the quietest night of the year on FI

  • Hmm - Here's my tip.
    Buy when the crazyness settles down.
    As opposed to buying and then watching your newly aquired future value go down in the coming days as others continue to fund their January high st splurge.

  • Its a funny sort of time - don't forget the 10% bonus at Christmas - that stopped people withdrawing. Once they've played through it 20 times they could withdraw. Also media buzz is disrupted - with players like Coutinho who people want to sell winning media buzz it makes other media players less valuable. Might take till Feb to settle down then a few stable months before the silly season.

  • I have the players i will keep though hell and hight water!! Others i may sell may keep i know my errors and didnt help taking a hit on possibly China bound P-EA x30 i Nearly brought a shed load Of him lucky i didnt

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