• Hi, this is my first day on the index, so apologies if this is not the done thing. Still getting my head around the right sort of press speculation to be looking out for. Spotted on Twitter that a Sky Sports Italy reporter saying an hour ago that Man City have opened talks with Inter to sell Danilo and that more details will be released at 7.30 . He is currently at 38p a share. I'm presuming if this breaks on Sky Sports website later tonight or tomorrow, this price will increase significantly?

  • @Klobo

    I can’t see a move to Inter doing much for his price tbh..

    Maybe a slight increase but he can’t earn any MB for the move as outside top 200. Hard to say about his PB potential until the new season.

    I expect a flat summer for him and if any rises, them not to happen until a few weeks into the season once the traders see how he fits into the Inter style

  • @AdyH Thanks for your feedback. Still getting used to how MB works to be honest. Perhaps overestimated the impact it might have if couple of major sites picked up on it tonight.

  • @Klobo
    Personally think he is a good attacking full back if he is given the freedom to run, but I don’t really know much about how Inter play.

    If he has to sit back and defend then he will likely struggle

  • If the move was in the opposite direction then your assessment would be correct. But a move away from the premier league is generally seen as a negative.

    But there could be some value if he plays regularly and well. It wouls be a bit of a slow burner though. Probably want to check the current price of Inter defenders as a bit of a comparison.

  • @Allams-Out That's really helpful, thanks. I didn't realise that the standard of the league the player is moving to was such a big influencer. Seems pretty obvious now you've said it!

  • @Klobo

    It's not necessarily the standard of the league. It's more the fact that MB's are based on UK sources, who obviously report on the Premiership more than any other league. Therefore moving to the Prem will increase your MB potential

  • @Weggers83 That makes sense now. Thanks!

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