Have i broke a record

  • I got Neldo today and won best performance buzz for a defender he scared. 0..... i could of gone to Spain ran on the pitch myself Has a prank and took one shot and won It myself :-)

  • @NewUser93040 benteke often scores a minus lol

  • Well i won the buzz but wasnt paid out because Its got his club has different im not sure If there aint 2 Naldos however my 1 share and 4p return aint worth losing sleep over :-)

  • one of the buzzes was won with -16 a while back! don't know if anyone owned the player though

  • What buzz do you think you've won and when? Aaron Martin won the defensive PB yesterday

  • I checked after the matches was finished and It said Naldo was top on 0 Maybe the version i Had didnt update this happens a few times, today i signed in and It told me i Had 50000 in my acount for the first 1 secound which sadly aint true It also reset my profit Clock very strange glitch i guess but now all is Good

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