Sane - New Contract Haggle?

  • He's requested to leave... not played last few matches with Mendy back... despite smashing it all season, except at the beginning when he was also dropped for Mendy.

    Is it a new contract haggle? Or is he after a transfer to Real Madrid/Bayern/PSG?

    Either way... bring on the summer of MB for Sane!

  • @Dan-The-Man Not sure where Mendy comes into it. I wouldn’t trust Sane at left back!
    Hope he does move, he’s the potential to take the big world football throne one day, gets no MB at City anyway don’t see logically how a move out of the PL could see him lose value. If he did it wouldn’t make sense.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Pep doesn't like playing the two together as the left side becomes too vunerable defensively.

  • @TheSleepingGiant doesn’t he really, that seems odd considering if it’s not Mendy it’s a midfielder in Delph or Zinchenko at left back.

  • @Timothee-Atouba

    Pep, sees them as

    'Left Player Who Can Defend And Attack'

    'Left Player Who Can Only Attack'

    It's not how I'd look at them but it's true, has been all season. As for where MB comes in to it. One of the best/proven young talents in world football hits the transfer market while clubs like Spurs, Man Utd, Real Madrid, etc are all on the look out to rebuild... the bids from everyone will come in and City will no doubt fight to keep him. All of that results in news and with 5 MB slots over the summer... It's good timing.

  • Mendy doesnt come into it

    Sterling is a better option on the left, and Pep doesnt move him to the right as he has Bernard Silva playing very well, and Mahrez as back up

    And while Mendy has been out, its been Delph, Laporte, or Zinchenko, so why even quote Mendy ??

    sorry mate but its a poor lead

  • I actually think his mb chances raise if he moves away. Not massively but a little bit. Because every big time impact he makes is look what city let go, look what hes become bla bla bla, will sane face man city in champions league for juve, sane scores to win united premier league against old club, pep left embarrassed once again by sane, Pep has spent 18billion at city but its the one player who he sold that haunts him now etc etc

    Pretty solid analysis^ if you ask me
    i do hold

  • Mendy definitely takes gametime away from Sane. Although Mendy is classed as a left back he is more offensive than either Delph or Zinchenko, watch how often he gets to the byeline before crossing. I believe the theory is that they'll take each other's space as they both play wide whereas Sterling will cut in from the left making more room for Mendy to attack from deep.

    A few links if you Google it;

    This is a quote from Guardiola earlier this season about Sane not playing,
    "We have six excellent strikers and not all of them can play. It is not about he is not playing because we are unhappy with his performance, it's because we have to choose and now Mendy is playing more wide. That is the reason why.

    He is ready with his physical condition. He doesn't need much time to get in better condition, it is not about that."

    Some of the links are a bit old but Mendy had been injured most the season so it hasn't been relevant since then. There is certainly something to be said for Mendy impacting Sane's game time.

  • Hes city's very own martial.
    Hes amazing when it's all going his way. As soon as it doesn't, he looks disinterested and lazy!

  • @Dan-w said in Sane - New Contract Haggle?:

    Hes city's very own martial.
    Hes amazing when it's all going his way. As soon as it doesn't, he looks disinterested and lazy!

    I can see where you’re coming from, just Sane is a significantly better player.

  • @Dan-The-Man Guess this predicted line up won't happen then, not that I actually believe them anyway, used to do my nut in when i played Fantasy premier league, hopefully Mendy gets benched because I want Sane to play, or Pep surprises us and plays both.


  • @Andy-M

    I've been away a few days but seems like this is what they went with.

    It's not that there'll never be a game with Mendy and Sane together... just that it's clearly something Pep doesn't love. It's been well documented.

    0_1555846589974_Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 12.36.01.png

    I know what people mean about him seeming disinterested. I think that's part of what makes him brilliant, almost like a psychological advantage. His turn of pace means he can look lazy one second like the defender doesn't have to care, then he leaves them for dust.

    There's a few players like that. It might not be a strategy they intentionally use but... who knows.

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