Ferran Torres

  • I don't know if there's already a post about this guy, but he's risen pretty steadily over last 6-9 months, wondering if there will be a move in the summer and it's still a good time to get in on him?

  • Regardless of a move or not, he is still an exciting player and a long term hold. Europa league semi final and potentially final coming up, and copa del final and also they're pushing for that all important champions league spot in la liga. Him, Guedes and Kang-In stand out youngters for Valencia. Get on them, definite consistent risers.

  • I don't hold guedes but hes another one I was aware of before I was aware of the index. He was being called the new Ronaldo about 4 years ago.

    Had I been on the index back then I'd quite probably of got in really early on him.
    He then seemed to disappear but I've watched him rise nicely in the last few weeks.

    Proof if any was needed that patience is key. Anyone with a good holding in him from early on will of made good returns this month

  • Still good value in Valencia players I reckon. Think Torres and Guedes will continue to rise before the CL semi

  • And Toni Lato

  • @Indexical Large spike in Toni Lato yesterday, I wonder what caused it?

  • @Daz-Sparks He scored for valencia against villareal in europa and i think won pb.

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