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  • Any thoughts on a realistic ceiling for him? I'm at just over 115% ROI and I just wonder what people think he can realistically achieve.

    It's a given that he'll be in a pb league next season, be it Dortmund, Chelsea or wherever so surely theres still significant room for growth.

    Does anyone have targets that they'll sell at?

  • I hold and I initially was waiting to hit 100% on ROI which I’m not too far from now, but of late have been asking myself the same question as you.

    I believe if you look at similar aged players that aren’t in PB leagues Felix notably I don’t see why he can’t reach £2.50 maybe £3 depending on what happens in the summer. I personally think Dortmund will recall him and he’ll be given an opportunity their as is their philosophy with youngsters.

    Chelsea obviously have the transfer ban and aren’t the best at investing and giving opportunities to unproven youth.

  • I think if he gets a good PB league then at least £2.50.

  • @Gibbers14 don't call him unproven man, people will be looking 😂😂😂

    Yeh I think I'd be happier to see him back in the Bundesliga than at Chelsea to be honest. I think theres at least another quid in him within a year to be honest. Hes the first player I've had to think this way about to be honest, so I'm not at all sure what I'll do in the medium term

  • @MickTurbo 🙈🙈🙈 🙈 he was my first investment on the platform having known about him through Football Manager 😂

    He’s definitely a mid-long term hold for me, the only regret I have is not having the funds to pump more into him sooner, but I’ll continue to do so as I get the opportunities as he’s only going in one direction <<<< is this better? Haha.

  • Haha that's more like it, yeh mate he was one of a few players I'd known about from him being really young so was one of my very first buys as well.
    Same as you I wish I had a lot more of him, I'd of had no hesitation going big but from a standing start I wanted to get on a decent number of players which could of got mega expensive if I'd got carried away

  • I have 100 of him and see him rising further should he get his move to a bigger club. He's a “wait and see".

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