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  • Bit of a newbie on here so apologies if this has been covered before.

    I've been looking for a few players (Premier League), but they don't appear to come up in the search facility.

    Is it the case that not all players are listed, and if the're not, is there a way of getting them added so they can be traded?

  • @NewUser113278 Does their name pop up when you start typing and have you searched in both the squad and the top 200? The reason I ask is because a lot of the time that I search for a player to see his graphs, price etc I click on his "name" but he doesn't show up - this is "probably" due to players overtaking each other in a fluid market as it always seems to put the player below them at the top of the list. Then I do a manual scroll to find them. Very annoying.

    It could also be that, as you say, they haven't been IPO'd yet and you can email FI or ping them on Twitter to request that a player is added. Call me a cynic but I prefer to wait for them and not declare any interest that "might" inflate their IPO price - take Jorginho for example, FI knew the world was waiting for him so they inflated his IPO price by 30p even though he hadn't done anything to justify that increase between his first IPO attempt and his eventual arrival. Sorry FI if you're reading the above but it's true :-)

  • No the players names are not coming up when using the search facility in either squad or top 200.

    Guess I might have to send an email to see if I can get them added.


  • All the players in the top 5 leagues, CL and Europa league will be added as part of Ipo's. I think you can email but the my may have already decided who they are adding when.

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