Oliver McBurnie

  • One of the top scorers in Championship and a young guy with great potential. For me it’s a mystery why he is so cheap compared to other young talented players in the league (such as Tammy Abraham)?

  • @NewUser174734 I'm guessing because he hasn't really had any links away from Swansea (not that I've heard of anyway) and they aren't going to get promoted so his chances of being in a PB league next year are slim. I haven't seen much of him so can't comment on him as a player but if you have and you think he's worth a punt don't let the cheap price put you off

  • @NewUser174734 also he's not English which seems to put a premium on players

  • Thanks for the answers. I got him and think he has a great potential, but maybe it will take a while for him to raise in value then :)

  • I've only really seen him playing for Scotland and he has been pretty poor.
    Also had some weak links with Rangers last summer.
    He's a huge Rangers fan so would jump at that move if the opportunity arose.
    One to avoid for me.

  • Seen him play live a few times this season for Swansea and haven't been impressed by him once. Having said that, he does have a knack for scoring goals and if he continues doing that then links for a move away will start to come.

    He will be one of the players Swansea won't want to sell this summer though as they do have a small squad and Fer, Montero, Routledge, Dyer and Dan James will likely all leave.

  • I'm a Swans fan and as others have said he's not consistent and I can't see him being anywhere near good enough for the premier league, he does have a knack of being in the right place to score goals though. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up at a top championship club next season after another fire sale in the summer.

  • Oli just continue to score. This lad has golden boots when it comes to scoring.

  • Jumped on him 3 weeks ago, got to be half decent to score that many goals in the championship(not a easy league ), he is young if he can keep going he will be £1-1.50 easy this time next year , I’m holding for sure👊🏻

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