• Rumoured move to Real. How would this affect his price ? Still haven't quite got my head around the relation between transfer hype, actual transfer and price changes.

  • @NewUser108933 Probably drop as I'm sure a few are holding due to PL links.

  • Hard to say. If he continues to score regularly he could go up significantly.

  • Due a rise either from transfer spec or just smashing goals in if he stays at Inter. I’d say he’s way too cheap at the moment.

  • Yes too cheap however at moment not allot Of investment on the site except in PEA who i sold due to china speak however FI not publish negavtive stuff on here just That Phil thompson things Liverpool should get him however the spread is huge on him 10% spread Its a weird one gas i can see him at Arsenal Has You cant trust wengers words but not worth the risk Has china would kill the price! I checked boomie odds and Nothing before the Windows shuts us less than 6/1 hes suppose to already agreed china however im now thinking Arsenal again but too risky buy

  • I hold both Icardi and Lacazette, would say that Lacca is the better bet due to already being in the Prem (mb and pb). Believe they are both way too cheap at the moment.

  • Lacazette has been garbage since joining arsenal for index scoring

  • it's hardly worth bothering with arsenal players at the mo

  • @Noirx4 due to him not playing the full 90, watch watch happens when Sanchez leaves, he’ll be like a bee buzzing here there and everywhere.

  • @NewUser49172 I shall prepare a suitable hat to eat but I don't see it.

  • @Noirx4 maybe as a season ticket holder on the North Bank I see more than your normal indexer. There’s something brewing...

  • @NewUser49172 haha probably I'm a liverpool / Shrewsbury man

  • @Noirx4 well then my friend it’s time to let go...he’s left and he’s never coming back. Sell those Coutinhos before it’s too late 😉

  • @NewUser49172 hahaha. Nah no way I'm selling his profile ticks all my analysis boxes. See him picking up a few more MBs and several PBs over next 3 years not to mention world cup. Lot people not considering

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