Everton v Man Utd

  • Right then peeps - something a little different.

    Post here which players you have, what current value and how many - and lets see how much all our totals together either go up or down during the match.

    I have:

    Gylfi Sigurdsson 48 futures at current price of £0.47 to buy.
    Dominic Calvert-Lewin 105 futures at current price of £0.68 to buy.
    Tom Davies 20 futures at current price of £0.37 to buy.

  • Pogba - 114 shares - current price 7.95
    Martial - 185 shares - current price 1.97

    Would love Martial to resurrect his FI status on this most holy of Easter Sundays

  • @Specksynder Good luck mate - lets hope its 6-6 !!!!! And we both earn a couple of quid - well, you more than me :-)

  • Assist for Dom, that's £1.05 in the bag for me and he has gone up 2p per future already - nice start.

  • Jeez, Utd really have not turned up today - wonder if its the Pogba affect - upsetting the dressing room again, expecting a move and just not being 'nice' any more.

    Anyhow - 48p for the goal....i may need to start looking for a bigger jar for my pennies.

    Dom now at £0.71 per future and Giiiiiiiilf is at £0.56

  • @Millerman

    Definitely going your way so far, Utd sound like they're really struggling.

  • @Specksynder be happy for this to be a game of 2 halves, 2 goals and assists for your boys and we both a couple of quid up.

    I know some people may be sat reading this and thinking pennies pfffft, but I really enjoy this type of 'bet'.

    If Richarlison continues as he does, he should get play of the day by a country mile, lets hope he doesn't do something stupid in 2nd half and get sent off.

  • This will change the game totally now - you watch. Richarlison was running them ragged.

  • Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilfy with an assist now - keep going lad and your in with a chance of daddy of the day, at £0.57 at the moment.

  • So,

    Gylfi got a goal and an assist, so thats £0.96 in dividends (whoooo big money) and gone up £0.06 a future (£2.88 increase)
    Dom got a goal, so thats £1.05 in dividends and gone up £0.03 a future (£3.15 increase)
    Tom never came on and price stayed the same.

    £2.01 in dividends and Gylfi is currently top midfield dog, but he won't stay that way I don't think, along with the £6.03 increase is £8.04

    Pogba is now £7.87 after his half arsed performance and Martial is £1.94. So £9.12 loss and £5.55, a total of £14.67 loss, but as we know this will be eaten into during the week of trading.

    All in all between us both thats a £6.63 loss.

    Really interesting to see how the markets react during the games and also after.

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