Man Utd .....what is wrong?

  • What on earth is going wrong with this team.

    As I type this they are 2-0 down at half time to Everton and look a mess.
    No doubt within the hour they might miraculously turn it around but I doubt it.
    There just seems no cohesion/teamwork or whatever you want to call it.

    Rashford,Marshal,Pogba where are u?

    Maybe its time Mctominay was trusted to run that midfield and where is the lesser spotted Greenwood?
    15th most expensive player on the index so maybe he should be given a chance to
    show he's worth over £3.

    Just a bit of a mess.

  • @Gazz127 Id call it the 'Pogba' affect.

    The sooner Manure get rid of him and allow him to be a spoilt brat in Spain or Italy the better.

  • @Gazz127 Too many players that can perform when things are going well, when Ole first took over but they are bottle jobs with no back bone or heart when the going gets tough. Embarrassment to the shirt.

  • @Gazz127 Everything’s wrong with them. I’d only be interested in keeping De Gea and maybe Rashford, but only maybe out of today’s XI.
    They need some leaders, some real men, but where do you find a Keane or a Stam these days?

  • It’s beautiful to watch!

  • Not running. Lazy arse performance. Pogba half asleep

  • People selling Pogba like he's never had a bad ge before... Utd in Europa is better than CL as they will win it again and easier games to rack up some pb scores!

  • @Vespasian32 do you think he will be in a Utd shirt next season mate?

  • @Millerman exactly. More MB!!!!

  • Loving it as a Liverpool fan. But what a mess they are at the moment. Basic poor decisions over and over in the last few years.

    The fact that they gave Ole the job when they did just about sums it up. Why? There was nothing to be gained from it and obvious downsides.

  • They're absolutely shite!

  • @Vespasian32 I was thinking this. If Pogba stays and United are in the Europa League, then the more Sunday games they have = more chance of PB?

  • Pogba selling is mad. The worse Utd. are the more likely an entire summer of transfer buzz around Pogba and maybe even Rashford. Loving it!

  • The Mourinho effect! His legacy casts a long shadow. Poor signings, berating youngsters and disruptive manner has scarred players and will take more than a season to mend. Honeymoon over for Oli now he needs to prove himself or walk. His comments in press conf this last couple of days , although proberbly accurate, were mourinhoesque and may be contributing to today's performance.

  • @Earshavewalls To be fair to him I don’t see the point in trying to lift this group of players up anymore or not digging them out. They’re stinking the place out 😃

  • @Timothee-Atouba I agree but in hindsight did Mourinho see that and give up, and the purple patch was just lucky for OGS, or have the performances dropped due to a change in OGS trying to stamp his authority, tactics etc and them not working.

    When he first took charge they were playing with freedom and performing it appears he has now changed something and it's not working and players are starting to rebuff. It was always gonna be the case they would concede goals with a very poor defence and Oli now needs to nip the current situation in the bud before United nip him in the buds.

  • Lukaku, Pogba and Martial FAR too lazy. Looked completely un-interested for the entire match.

    Dalot, Fred, Jones, Smalling simply not good enough.

    Matic, Lindelof, Rashford (even though he put in some effort at least) and De Gea were poor today.

    Against West Ham, Barcelona and today it was basic error after basic error, compounded by a lack of effort and desire.

    Truly shocking performance. If we play like that on Wednesday night Citeh will have an absolute riot, at our expense.

  • Pogba dropping like a stone on that performance, and if was just based on footballing alone his value would be sod all.

  • @Daz-Sparks said in Man Utd .....what is wrong?:

    Pogba dropping like a stone on that performance, and if was just based on footballing alone his value would be sod all.

    Everyone who holds Pogba is living a charmed life, one day the media will get fed up with him and when that or a transfer happens his price will head south without a parachute.
    Before anyone says the won’t get fed up with him, they even got fed up with Gazza in the end to a large extent.

  • @Earshavewalls I think now the club won’t mind this method and see that they’re rotten and sanction a complete overhaul.

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