Lucas Digne

  • I've held for a while myself and he has been steadily rising, he looks like a player suited perfectly for PB as well and has already returned some dividends this year. As an Everton fan I have seen plenty of him and I think next year will be a much better season for Everton and he could potentially be playing in the Europa as well. This has turned into a bit of a pump đŸ˜‚ but just wanted to spread the word about him lol

  • @TraderJ bit unlucky not to get that clean sheet bonus as well going off in the last 10 mins which may cost him PB divs for the day

  • He looked good TJ, didn't ever seem troubled by the Man U players.

  • @Daz-Sparks he's a real gem if you ask me, great going forward and solid defensively and he takes some of the corners and free kicks. Seems perfectly suited to the PB matrix, I'm hoping he's going to be a real dividend generator next season

  • his crosses are second to hey arnold and he takes free kicks. I want to buy but maybe not until next year. I can't see him getting transfer spec this summer but who knows.

    Also I need to learn to sell at peaks and invest in others but easier said than done

  • Seem to remember he took a bit dip after getting dropped for a game, scoring an OG on his return then sent off next match ( and obviously suspended after) his price has never fully recovered but is a pb machine in my opinion. Obviously, I hold but no intention of pumping as want him for full 3 years unless something big changes.

  • 171 points in a 0-0 draw today. Could easily have taken pb with a Everton win, also hit the post late on. Pb beast!!!

  • @Thatguy
    That’s when he became a legend in my fantasy footy team

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