The 10k Drop!

  • Looking for a bit of advice as after a few months getting used to how the platform works and with the current bonus on offer I'm now looking to make a significant investment.

    All my current holds have made me about a 50% return in total and I've already learnt that patience is the key so not expecting to become a millionaire overnight 😆

    Once I'd made the decision to invest I thought it would be easy to just spend it but with the aftermath of the share split and current drops and rises I'm becoming indecisive about where to put my cash!

    So my question is if you had 10 grand to drop who would you buy and why?

  • Nelson
    Smith rowe
    All young English with huge potential

  • @RagingKaboul probably buy quite a few players with that amount 😂 but I think the main 3 at the moment would be Salah, Sterling and Hazard. Hazard should pick up plenty of MB dividends over the summer with his transfer saga and Salah and Sterling are both still involved in the title race so there should be good chances for both to win MB dividends, both are also quality players so could always pick up a few PB as well and are all good long term holds if you ask me. Might be worth picking up a few Pogba's while he's on a bit of a dip. In terms of PB I think Digne is good value for money for next season and I'm on a high about him at the moment lol.

  • @RagingKaboul
    Vanaken .. must buy.. huge rise round the corner.. do research. U can easily doubke and more with him.

    His countryman... timothy castagne.. . Also going to rise very soon and you can double up.. ..

    Odegaard on loan from real madrid to vittesse.. .he is hugely talented and looks kike is has staryed to show now.. .

    Haidara of leipzig.. . New daddy in midfield

    Palacios of river plate ab to move to europe..



    Yussuf poulson

    Ihlas bebou


    Ismaila sarr

    After 3 -6 months ur portfolio will be in huge profits..

  • I think there are some absolute certs if your in it for the long haul

    Sof diop

    At the higher end, if I had 10k I'd be getting stuck right into Phil foden

  • I would say they have potential but not proven and in mind of that I would not concentrate on them for 10k. I would include them as a part of my port with the 10k being spread to cover various players at various stages of their careers.

    Certainly include:

    Messi ( All Divs)

    E Hazard ( Divs &Transfer)
    M Salah ( Divs &Transfer)

    Ajax youngsters ( Divs &Transfer)

    Those already mentioned in previous post plus:

    Rashford, Longstaff, McNeil, Abraham, N Pepe, A Isak, M Kean, Mount.

    Just a few that I would cover with 5k and sit for a week or two for any transfer possibles that have good Divi returns.

  • @RagingKaboul I did and I have... Dropped in £10k for the bonus.

    Previously I'd built my port around the top 10 primarily with some youth and PB.
    However, for my £10k deposit, ryt now I'm loading up on cheap players.

    Well I started with undervalued players potentially making moves in summer... T Hazard... Werner etc but they've already made a move.

    Cheaper guys that could make a lot of money, but at worst have low risk and low spread if you need to cash out after the bonus;

    Bustos - argentine RB linked with moves to EPL (Newcastle mostly) was 19p yesterday but now 21p
    Vanaken - best #10 in Belgium, deserves a move to PB league after a great season 47p
    Osimhen - wolfsburg young attacker linked with lots of big clubs 59p
    Vlasic - coming back to Everton after loan spell 39p
    Ndiaye - promising young striker at getafe due back from injury 20p
    Jerry St Juste - 22p very good young defender, the type to be scouted by Europe's bigger teams.

    I also keep stock piling the England youth thst havent yet had the second big rise.... Brewster (long term hold could easily be £5+ within a year), Billy gilmour exciting Chelsea prospect, Morgan Gibbs White already in starting 11 for Wolves

  • I'd be interested to know what your portfolio looked like before any of the 10k was spent @RagingKaboul.

    I myself have freed up 4.5k to put into FI because of the 10% bonus and have currently spent 2k of it on :-

    extra Neymar
    extra Alli
    extra Maddison
    extra Brooks
    a few extra Rashica
    extra Goretzka
    a few extra Vanaken


    Like you though, I currently find myself procrastinating on who to spend the rest on. My holdings in both Rashica and Vanaken are quite small (cheap players I've been buying with dividends mostly) so will pump a couple hundred each into these. I also think getting myself some additional Pogba and Rashford will be a good idea - but will wait for the sell-off after Utd's 4-0 drubbing to subside a touch.

    Probably increase my holdings in Kane and Sterling too.

  • @Jad1982 thanks for the reply and agree young and english seem to be a winning combo! I already have some Brewster but will look at Nelson/Smith-Rowe. Nelson seems further down track with 19 bundesliga apps and 7 goals and only 40p more.

  • Robert Skov - bound to leave FC Copenhagen in summer to big club and gets a shed load of goals and assists

  • @TraderJ hold some sterling but sold my salah a while back for some profit and find it hard to buy back in! Agree though with title race both will be good holds so might look again at salah. I know hazard will be great for mb over summer but worry about getting out at the right time and being stung ala coutinho/sanchez. I do have a few pogba although his price does seems to fluctuate and be a bit unpredictable (currently going down after a small rise this week) Digne is a player I've never looked at so will definitely have a closer look - scored today too so good timing 😁. Thanks for the input.

  • What about Rodrygo. Will be at Madrid next year and the buzz over the summer about what he can do next season will for sure bring in the money!

  • @RagingKaboul yeah I think Hazard will be all about timing, but even after what seems like an inevitable move he is still a top player so could bring in plenty of PBs as long as his price doesn't fall too far after the move. Digne is definitely worth a look though if you ask me, consistently solid PB scores and chips in with the odd goal which is always good from a defender. Should really have had 25 more PB points today as well for the clean sheet but came off after 80 odd mins injured

  • @RagingKaboul

    10 players with £1,000 in each pot would be fun. It's not what I'd do... but it would be fun. I'd go with a massive portfolio, maybe consider 100 players but for now, here's my top 10 picks.

    Might not be the safest way but could see big returns.

    1.) Harry Kane
    He'll rise for lots of reasons.... a return from injury, an influx of new English traders, the Nations League, the fact he's a dividends beast. Lots of people will want him in their portfolio next season, particularly anyone joining in August.

    2.) Christian Pulisic
    Chelsea bought him specifically for his media potential. This is well documented... so just think how valuable Pulisic can become on the index, a platform where the media kings dominate the dividends.

    3.) Leroy Sane
    Rumours are rife that he's asked to leave City because Pep doesn't give him the games he deserves. A proven talent like Sane, should be in contention for Player of the Season, with 17 goals and 14 assists but he gets dropped for Mendy. The biggest clubs in the world will fight for him and it could result in a monster transfer. He's only 23.

    4.) Alexis Sanchez
    Speaking of monster transfers... Man Utd have to want out of Sanchez but there's only a handful of clubs with the kind of money that could even afford to take him and all of them will generate media speculation. Unless Real swap him with Bale, I can't see United being able to offload him.

    5.) Scott McTominay
    Possibly the only player in the squad other than Rashford, that is safe in summer. Ole loves this kid. Stopped him going out on loan, gave him a new contract, brought him through against the best teams in the world and constantly talks him up in the media. McTominay, has been great for United lately and will continue to grow long term. He's also, starting to play higher up the pitch, so expect to see more attacking and higher PB scores next season. He's been at United for 17 years and is only 22... future captain = MB.

    6.) Emiliano Buendia
    22, 8 assists, 11 goals in 32 games for Norwich who are set to be promoted to the Premiership. He's an absolute bargain price for an incredibly exciting young player.

    7.) Youri Tielemans
    The transfer speculation is already everywhere. Man Utd, Spurs and just about every club going wants a piece of the 21 year old and either way, it's going to be a huge money story when it hits.

    8.) Harry Maguire
    England will dominate the Nations League and the media will follow the players massively. Not to mention that Man Utd are heavily linked with him and he's the exact type of player they need. Picked up 51p in dividends last summer, during the world cup.

    9.) Raheem Sterling
    About to be named PFA player of the year and even if he doesn't win that, who cares. He's an absolute beast who's constantly returning a stead flow of dividends, which means his price is rising. His star power has risen dramatically since the start of last years World Cup, imagine what he'll be like after the Nations League.

    10.) Ronaldo Vieira
    Ronaldo Vieira has arguably the most daunting footballers name... like he was destined to be a football god lol. He's English, just broke through at Sampdoria after a spell at Leeds, so he will get a ton of media given that everyone is looking for the next Sancho. He's only 20 and he's cheap as chips.

    Olimpiu Morutan (Bonus Punt)
    Guys like Kane and Pulisic, I'm 100% certain of but this one... this one is a punt. Wonderkid, hidden in a foreign league. Touted by scouts as a major talent waiting to happen. Time will tell...

  • @MickTurbo don't hold any of those and some great shouts in there - Kang-in and Diop in particular. hadn't come across Osimhen before but do hold Chukwueze and Onyekuru so very tempting at 60p.

    Foden is undoubtedly going to be a great hold long term but also already quite expensive so would take a significant chunk of the budget. Just about weighing up if i can get better value elsewhere - normally in the time whilst I'm hovering over the buy button he's gone up again!

  • I'd advice in going for those definite transfers and the relegation-bound players.

    • Ihlas Bebou
    • Robert Skov
    • Leandro Trossard
    • Stefano Sensi
    • Ismael Bennacer
    • Aleksander Mitrovic

  • @RagingKaboul I've held osimhen from the day I joined and his cap app has been really slow, starting to speed up last few days with transfer speculation growing, including at least 1 prem side in spurs, he has a game tomorrow for charleroi and if he gets a goal or 2 I reckon he could start flying, time to get on could be now

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