Wednesday 10th Jan - IPO's

  • It's all eyes on Cape Canaveral tomorrow lunchtime as we have another rocket taking off!

    Brahim Diaz, breaking into the City side this season alongside Mr Hype himself Phil Foden. Some say it's actually Diaz who is the more talented (new Messi tag from some Cityzens) but I haven't seen enough of him to comment. I just know that he's flying north of £1 tomorrow and it'll be interesting to see how high.

    From the rest Elyounoussi looks talented and had Southampton eyeing him up by all accounts. He's coming on at 40p but Albian Ajeti 30p'ish and Dmitri Oberlin 50p'ish would suggest he's actually priced around right and good value for the speculator if not for instant reward.

    Milenkovic is the one that's got me really intrigued, only 20, just broken into the Fiorentina team where he hit 65 passes in 84 mins away v Cagliari. Had to scrape Wikipedia for his goal threat and limited data comes up with 4 in 44 from his time at Partizan so could be golden from defence. He made the Top 30 youth players in the world in a high profile Italian Tabloid last summer. Shame he's not 30p as I'd be all over that in the multiple 100's if possible, at 60p I think he represents decent value and as I don't expect him to rocket so could be easy pickings.

    Luca Pellegrini from Roma would be of interest but he's just come back from a torn ACL and fractured his patella, at 60p I'm gonna curse my portfolio with his bad luck!

    Brighton's 28 yr old Dale Stephens price at 80p had me rolling my eyes ("just cos he scored last night"- yawn) until I took a few mins to look into his stats and he does know where the net is to be fair to him AND he has very solid passing numbers. He's too pricey for me with no chance of parole from the Hove Albion but I really wouldn't be surprised to see him pick up or get close to a shock PB or 2!

    Why FI are IPO'ing Johannes Eggestein before his older brother Max who's actually peforming okay for Werder Bremen is baffling and at 50p there's far better value out there already.

  • @Agatello - Some great insights here as always... Thanks!

    Heard big things about Milenkovic - but will see what the market make of him tomorrow.

  • @Agatello Great stuff as always, shame Diaz didn't get a game last night would have probably added 10p to his price, that said he's still very young, not much first team experience and 4 goals in 17 Spanish youth team games not much to go on. I think anything much over a £1 is going to be a gamble, how much game time is he realistically going to get at Man City, they're more likely to buy than develop right? Can see him going out on loan and no MB draw unlike Foden (assuming his continuing development...)

  • His nationality will go against him slightly with him NOT being English but City are blooding him, Foden and Zinchenko. Pep isn't afraid of sticking them in and Sane and Jesus aren't that experienced.

    I think they're getting slightly tarred by the Chelsea brush due to following in their "let's just buy the league" footsteps.

    I'd compare his potential to that of David Neres who's getting more game time at Ajax but Diaz is already at the best team in the Prem.

    Let's not forget he's in that coveted Striker section too. Don't like putting a figure on it but my end of day guess would be £1.24.

  • @Agatello interesting, he's down as an 'attacking midfielder' on Wiki & Whoscored, I think £1.24 sounds about right though, but as said anything above £1 I think is a gamble, he'll probably see a price increase when/if he starts a game but he's got Sterling, Jesus, Sane, Aguero and likely Sanchez ahead of him in the striker position so can see him eventually going elsewhere? At least on loan anyway.

    Potential agree with the Neres comparison but he's got the added advantage that he might transfer to PL and therefore increase his price - time will tell ;-D

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