Pogba, Hold or sell

  • @Dan-The-Man Listen Danny boy 😁

    As it stands right now, there is Zero reason that Pulisic won't plummet, he has virtually no MB or BP, yes his price might rise 20% with a couple of goals, but capital appreciation is not exactly security in FI terms, if Pogba was looking like moving to Madrid then I'd dump without blinking, whereas Pulisic moving to a premier league team doesn't mean anything for me, it's already difficult trying to keep all the midfielders happy in Chelsea, he'll be sitting on the bench just as much as every other midfielder, that's when ppl decide to dump, remember 32p drop in price and 20% of his price is gone, Pogba can drop 32p and its only 4%, he'll easily make double that 32p in the summer media days.
    Anyway you clearly don't agree so let's wait and see, as soon as he's won Media a few days in a row then he's attractive again, this my friend is how the market works 😁

  • @Dan-The-Man said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    I don't know if there's a WhatsApp group I'm out of the loop on or if there's a well executed, mass orchestrated troll... or if y'all are serious.... BUT no.... it's not the same.

    500 x 6p Rafael Marquez goes up 10p, you've nearly tripled your money. 500 x £7.80 Pogba goes up 10p, you've not even covered the spread to sell him, never mind tripled your money and you've had £3900 tied up instead of £30. Opportunity cost is a real thing people.

    We're not stupid Dan, that's only if you are going to sell though, 1p x 500 is the same profit on everyone, obviously not percentage to investment, but what the hell should we do ?? Just buy 30p players ??? I'm here for dividends as no1 reason, capital appreciation is just a bonus that can alter any single minute of every single day.

  • @Andy-M

    Mate, you're in here preaching Pogba, cos you've got £4k tied up in him lol.

    You're right... Pulisic can drop.... he jumped up 16p the other day when it looked like he was about to win MB... it could fall back down a bit but realistically, he's 20 years old... and only just joining Chelsea... chances that he's peaked are slim to nothing. But listen... you've got stuck on Pulisic here. Go back to that original post... see how I said Kane... it's because there's a dozen better options than Pogba.

    Pogba on the other hand... one indication from Zidane that you miss and kiss goodbye to a large chunk of that Pogba profit. You're fooling yourself if you think dividends will protect you.

  • @Andy-M said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Dan-The-Man said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    We're not stupid Dan,

    I never thought you were mate, that's why it seemed like a rib.

    I'm here for dividends as no1 reason, capital appreciation is just a bonus that can alter any single minute of every single day.

    Yeah... I want to see your maths on that.

  • @Dan-The-Man who says I have 4k invested??? You think I bought him for £8 🤣🤣

    Anyway here's Pulisic 6 months chart

    0_1555947770111_Screenshot_20190422-173926_Chrome Beta.jpg

    Here's Pogba's 6 months chart

    0_1555947800676_Screenshot_20190422-173809_Chrome Beta.jpg

    Pretty sure this is due to his previous great form including PB & MB, so what happens if he finds form again ???? I know the answer, do you ??

    And I'm praising him because he's proven MB king and PB is great when he's performing...

    What back up can you give me on Pulisic???

    Unproven American kid, I saw how great he was against England 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @Andy-M

    That spike was everything to do with:

    • Jose Leaving (Pogba won 22MB days in December)
    • Ole taking over and hitting a win streak as Pogba woke up
    • Share split hitting just at the right time

    Let's have a look at a more relevant graph though...

    0_1555948256375_Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 16.50.05.png

    That first drop, was because we over inflated his price in the run up to the share split... then lucky people like me got out and took the profit.

    The rebound spike was down to the MB bonus announcement... followed by the next drop, which was likely to be a bunch of people who were caught out by the first drop.

  • Tim Weah... Better, younger American! And cheaper. More likely get MB due to his lineage

  • @Dan-The-Man Then it makes sense that his next spike will be when the next deposit bonus window kicks in.

  • @LuaLua yeah, and the next drop... later that day like a pump and dump.

  • @Dan-The-Man so a short term hold then. :) I think i need to get rid of him so i can go buy pulisic.

  • @Dan-The-Man What are you trying to say with that more relevant graph ???? I'm pretty sure i see Pogba's price was lower on the 14th April than today, hence the reason I tip him to fly next time he puts in a masterclass, imagine he scores against Citeh and win the game (not that I'm expecting that) the Media would be all about Pogba possibly destroying City's PL hopes and helping Liverpool, it would see Pogba over £8 again.
    One more important thing you are forgetting here, many traders will have Pogba on the market so his price is probably not really £7.77, probably around £7.90, anyway have a great night, off to eat b4 football.

  • Anyway, sold the last of my Poggers to market this morning.

    Dont have a big enough port to justify holding hundreds of futures in him. Can't see any significant rise in his price any time soon so that money can work better for me elsewhere.

    The dividends wouldn't be enough for me. If I could hold a few hundred futures then I would be holding.

    I topped up on Salah and spread the rest around my cheaper holds.

  • This isn't the words of a player that doesn't care @johnboywalker, I know that wasn't your exact words, but kinda what you meant.

    Now he needs to show us on the pitch on Wednesday, not expecting a win but a performance would be enough for most of us that support Manchester United

    0_1555951155498_Screenshot_20190422-183338_Chrome Beta.jpg

  • @Andy-M

    So he is criticising himself, his own performance and that of his teammates. What a big man. He was the worst of the lot on Sunday.

    He is now a 26 year old man, yet still behaves like a petulant 18 year old.

    How do you think Sir Alex would have dealt with Pogba? I'm almost certain he would join the long list of superstars that Fergie dumped as they thought they were bigger than the club itself.

    I'm now hearing that he apparently didn't go over to the away fans after the game on Sunday.

    That pretty much sums him up completely.

    I just read the full interview and admittedly he talks a good game. Let's see on Wednesday if his actions back up his words.

  • @Andy-M said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Dan-The-Man What are you trying to say with that more relevant graph ????

    That even with an artificial bump from the media bonus, he's dropping, which shows how risky he is.

    I think we parted ways on this debate, the second you revealed that you look at portfolio rises in pennies rather than percentages.

    I'm not saying Pogba will freefall from where he is but it's not reasonable to suggest £2 growth from Pogba is superior to £1 growth from Pulisic. Enjoy your night dude, I'm sure we'll get in to this another time ha....


    I've made a case for why I don't hold Pogba but for the record... I'm not saying he's going to freefall from this day forward until the end of time. The index as a whole will continue to grow significantly as the months go by and I expect Pogba to grow too, albeit with some dips along the way. I just believe the Pogba Bubble is big... risky and will produce lower returns than other players. So a lot of risk... for less rewards.

    Worth noting though.... that almost everyone who joined has a story about how bad they were wrong lol.

  • @johnboywalker Worst of the lot 🤔 watched the game and disagree mate, obviously these ratings say different to you too ...

    Only Lindelöf and Ole went to the away fans, you are really pinpointing Pogba there 🤣🤣


  • Sorry for starting this thread but its been great reading everyones thoughts on the CURRENT FI media king.

    I am relatively new to this and asked the question as I feel he is too expensive for any significant capital appreciation.

    I accept all of your comments in respect of MB but as I only hold a few shares in Pogba, I am not willing to invest heavily in a player with restricted capital appreciation.

    I hold 60+ players and two thirds of them have increased in value more in percentage terms than when I purchased Pogba (at the SS) so for that reason and for my strategy Im OUT of the Pogba express train.

    Good luck to all of you who are invested and I suspect that is most on this thread judging by the comments but IMO my cash will be spent on cheaper players with less risk of heavy depreciation and potential for growth.

  • @Andy-M Andy, I was just looking into Media buzz a couple of years ago.

    I appreciate that Pogba is the undisputed Current media king but I think even you would agree that cant last forever and that was my point

  • @Dan-The-Man Very good points and Thanks for the nod with Pulisic

  • @Vespasian32 said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Dan-The-Man I think pogba sweeps up a tonne of MB throughout summer whilst Pulisic hovers at his current price. Then Pulisic goes down when he can't even make the team sheet because Chelsea will replace Hazard with someone better than Pulisic...

    22 hours later...

    0_1556016908748_Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.51.46.png


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