Pogba, Hold or sell

  • I am holding

  • Hold.

    He'll be earning divs all summer and if he leaves (which I highly doubt) it'll be Real or PSG. Definitely a PB league anyways

  • Definite hold. Great mb. Great pb. If he gets a move to real i expect him to go and become the best midfielder in the world.

  • Hes a disgrace of a footballer but will perform if he moves to Real because he is a me me me player and at Real he will feel like hes reached the big stage. Hold and hope he goes to Real for pb reasons his mb days are numbered

  • And the same can be said for Mbappe, hold hold hold, he has just popped his second goal of the night in the back of the net and is heading for top spot for the day, still 50+ minutes left in the game.

  • @Harmonica ridiculous goals too... Hes fantastic to watch

  • @Vespasian32 Lightening quick. I would love to see him in a Liverpool shirt!

  • @ocs123 LOL Pogba going to china at the end of the season ???? do you know anything about football ??????? I Think not . !!

  • I can see a bunch of people saying hold but he's too risky for my money.

    Sure, he might pick up another 50p over the summer in media but the chances of him dropping 50p the second any of the transfer speculation looks real are just as likely.

    Why tie up all of your money when there are tons of players, not only safer but who will also see bigger returns?

    Pulisic and Kane are as safe a bet as you can place on here right now. Kane is already injured... and already rising again on his way to the Nations League.

    Pulisic was bought specifically for media purposes and is transferring to the Premiership which means he should rise in the run up to his game. Both are going to return dividends both are considerably cheaper than Pogba.

  • Pogba has been falling a penny here and a penny there ever since Manure were stuffed by the Toffees.
    Wondering if it's time to bail now or ride it out.

  • Pogba is the undisputed king of the index for MB and has been king of PB too since Solskjaer came in, I see no reason to sell. Solskjaer has said the team should be built around Pogba and he has a contract until 2022 so even if Madrid etc try to sign him it's very unlikely he'd move this summer.

  • If you've had him a long time any dip now is probably a mere drop in the ocean of profits. With MB too, if I were in this position i'd keep.

    For smaller portfolio holders like myself though he just makes no sense to hold. Percentage increase on shares are minimal due to the original price being high and dividends are peanuts as the number of shares held are not high enough. He would be tying up large amounts of money I could be utilising better elsewhere.

  • The main reason for starting this thread is because not that long ago Rooney, Ibrahimavich and Sanchez were the media king darlings and where are they now?

    Also, I am not convinced about Pogba as a player and at his current price seems higher risk than players that are currently performing but at a much lower price, with the potential downside.

    Only my opinion.

  • @Nally said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    Pogba is the undisputed king of the index for MB and has been king of PB too since Solskjaer came in, I see no reason to sell. Solskjaer has said the team should be built around Pogba and he has a contract until 2022 so even if Madrid etc try to sign him it's very unlikely he'd move this summer.

    Ole knows what to say, when to say it.

    He needed to get Pogba on side... but that was months ago before he was given the proper job. Now he's got it and he's gonna be held accountable to Pogba's seeming inconsistency on the pitch.

  • @Alpilgrim Perfectly put.

    Anyone with a large holding purchased months ago at a much cheaper price might as well hold as mb should reward them.

    Any recent investor with limited funds would be mad to purchase as they will get next to nothing in price appreciation and the mb divis will be barely noticeable with the limited shares held.

    Simple as that really imo.

  • @Dan-The-Man there's literally no way Pulisic will return more Media Divs than Pogba and I hold both so I have no dog in this fight its just very obvious!!

  • @9stevo

    Well, I didn't say he would but what good is 50p in dividends if he drops in value £1?

    Pulisic is all-but guaranteed to rise significantly and if you think Chelsea bought him for his media potential and they aren't going to surround him with a media team, you need to reevaluate.

    Chelsea see Pulisic as the American version of David Beckham. They deliberately paid ridiculous price tag to make him even more appealing to the press. They'll hold a press conference upon his arrival, they will make a huge deal about him in preseason. If he scores just one goal pre-season, they will publicise it. If he gets a girlfriend, they will publicise it. If he crashes his car, styles his hair, whatever, they'll publicise it. Mark my words.

    When the American media go nuts for the lad, the British journalists will see more articles about him and become more interested.

  • @Gazz127

    Can't agree with you there Gazz.

    The point at which you got in on a player... should have no impact on your decision to hold or get out.

    Either from this minute going forward the player will make you money or lose you money.

    If you see a chance to use the money better going forward, do that.

  • @Dan-The-Man the American media have been going mad for him. Here? One day when a few people reported he signed for Chelsea and then nothing. Absolutely no interest in the performances of a crisis club's 50 million signing (they were in a crisis) tells me that other than if he does a step over in his first preseason friendly on a slow news day, he's really not gonna challenge for MB.

    Each club has that one MB magnet. It's Hazard. And if he goes, I don't see the clean cut Pulisic getting media. Probably Zaha if he replaces him or Abraham if he gets a game as he's English. Even Loftus? But not Pulisic. No chance.

  • @Lukeroro Got to agree with you there, I feel the american thing is often made far too much of. I just don't see it with Pulisic at all. I'm not convinced he's all that on the pitch either. Time will tell I suppose.

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