Pogba, Hold or sell

  • @ScouseSte 🤣🤣🤣

  • After the Manchester derby I was so upset with Pogba, his manner, performance, his hair cut the lot that I IS him at a modest profit. ( I've been on FI for 3 months). Gone from my portfolio, no more his smug face annoying me 50 times a day when I check my portfolios.
    After he get's in the team of the year I buy him back and some extra too. Already his rise has covered the spread plus a MB win and looks like another win today. Sadly Pogba is a must have. Business is business.

  • Okay best guesses in. If the market is on egg shells over while he go will he stay. What price do you think he will be start of next season with the two different scenarios.

    Goes £6.12
    Stays £9.49

  • @Misto said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    Okay best guesses in. If the market is on egg shells over while he go will he stay. What price do you think he will be start of next season with the two different scenarios.

    Goes £6.12
    Stays £9.49

    Goes... 6.35 (probably goes a lot lower but bounces back)
    Stays... 9.00 (probably goes higher then settles down)

  • @Misto make that as a new post mate, that was a good one 😁

  • @Andy-M Do it for me mate. Just about to step into a meeting.

  • @Vespasian32 ya the market will over react one way or another on any confirmed news about him going or staying.

  • @ScouseSte said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Andy-M said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @ScouseSte said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Dan-The-Man said in Pogba, Hold or sell:


    A couple of days ago, a credible seeming rumour hit and he dropped 70p.

    If another credible rumour hits, do you think his price will rise for MB or fall?

    To be fair Dan, you are really pushing the "get rid of Pogba cos he's an absolutely dangerous hold" agenda.

    Yet look at his price now (recovered 30p in 2 days) and look at yet more MB divs earned in those 2 days and possibly more again today!

    No matter how much you spread this negative message, traders will make up their own minds.
    And inevitably some of the nervy ones who bought at £8 will bail, whilst the shrewd investors who bought under £6 will gratefully top up.

    Take a break from your agenda mate. We get it

    Ahhhh Steve has also realised you are trying very very hard to push his price down 😁 1st pumping Pulisic all day, then 3 days in a row on the Pogba negativity push.

    Yea Andy, I've come to a kind of philosophical conclusion to define this forum:

    We, as traders, are playing on two hypothetical opposing teams at any one time - One team holds a player, whilst the other doesn't. The members of the team that holds a player will often point out stats and trends that create hype but also convey logic for buying/holding the player. The opposing team, however, will often create conjecture and spread fear so that the opposition members sell up, in the hope that the funds may be reinvested in a player THEY own (and subsequently creating another scenario, only this time they work TOGETHER) and so on, and so on.

    Our individual success on FI is all down to quite fascinating relationships with each other and varying tactics on the forum (some more blatant than others, some more underhand)

    So, live and let live. The forum is a chess board and we are all playing the game 😎

    Noone has ever summed up the forum better than this superb conclusion.

  • @Kaned-again thank you sir 😊

  • I put my futures in the queue yesterday evening and they sold overnight.

    I have a relatively small portfolio of which 13% was invested in him. Although it’s a regular top up, the media dividends on a small number of futures doesn’t make a massive difference and I sold at just under 100% ROI so can’t grumble.

  • @Murph wow well played mate, think you did correct, it's difficult to hold an £8 player with a small portfolio, bravo to you 👏👏

  • @Andy-M thanks mate. I reinvested in a few lower value players this morning and I’m already a couple of percent up on a couple.

    As has been said above, I’m changing my strategy towards the sub £1 players as a small increase makes a big difference as you can hold more futures.

  • Is it summer already? Just enjoying all the dividends myself. Sell up, nah thanks.

  • @Andy-M said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Lukeroro for real mate ?? I'd need a screenshot to believe that, you've been on the pogtrain since the choo choo started

    I know. And I still think that there's a lot of money to be made on him. I've had him in and out of the sell queue for weeks. I don't think he'll get a move but so many people seem certain he will and I don't know how that will affect him.

    You know my portfolio isn't the biggest therefore taking a hit on a FI king is gonna be tough. So I jumped.

    I also think there is a similar toxic at Man I as there is at Chelsea and that's good for noone.

    (I'd still rather hold than Pulisic :P )

  • @johnboywalker sorry only just seen your reply, in not man utd fan, however I would be getting rid of;

    Mata (I rate him but united clearly don't)

  • He'll be well over £8 again tonight at this rate and looking good for 3rd consecutive MB win! 🚀🚀🚀

  • @Dan-The-Man Was this you? 😉😂


  • @Misto Haha good shout!!

  • @Dan-The-Man up voted so I know he saw it, but stuck to his word not to get drawn back in. Well played sir. I was sure that would have got you. :)

  • @Misto Hate when I say it's my last comment and read the replies only to get sucked in again 🤣🤣

    @Dan-The-Man you are a man of your word 🙌

    Just caught him buying Pogba, didn't want to shame him completely so covered his name 😉


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