Pogba, Hold or sell

  • A couple of things to consider with Pogba.

    1 it’s being taken as a given he’s going to move. The actual chance is still less than 50% according to bookmaker odds. Probably in the region of 30-40% (hard to get actual percentages until a “to stay” option is available for market balance but the chance of a move will be significantly lower than the odds imply currently).

    2 Pogba at United is heavily undervalued at his current price vs dividend yield. His is by far the highest yield of any big hitting player under 30 and that’s before we come into media madness where it’s inevitable he will do well. Without the risk of moving I could genuinely see him as a £9+ player at this point in time based on returns and age.

    So 60-70% of the time you’re getting a £9 worthy dividend winner for a cut price.

    30-40% he drops, possibly to around £5ish, compensated by a large amount of dividends (genuinely wouldn’t be surprised with a over £1 per share in divs if a move goes ahead).

    Good odds in my book at his current price.

  • I think pogba will stay at utd and be a worldly,played in his best position/main man next season! His price will rocket again!

  • @PB-man

    I don't see him as undervalued at all but I'd be open to hearing you out on it.

    To me, he's £2.40 more expensive than the next player.

    He's not remotely attractive at his current price point (£7.75), when Harry Kane is sat at £4.80 with:

    • an Injury Return,
    • Champions League Final,
    • Nations League Semi-Final,
    • Possible Nations League Final,

    All in the space of a few weeks. I mean... Kane has all the MB fire power needed and he has chance for G&A & PB.

    Surely, a players value on a platform like FI, is dictated by the opportunities around him? Right now, Maguire represents significantly lower risk, higher short term growth potential than Pogba.

  • @Dan-The-Man Kane’s yield is nowhere near Pogba’s and even with all that going for him is unlikely to be (I hold both).

    Over the past year Kane has returned less than a third of Pogba’s dividends. Kane’s yield has been 11% of his current price, Pogba’s 22% so you’re getting far better value from Pogba even at a much higher price.

    The Frenchman could be double his current value and still yield the same percentage as Kane which is crazy.

    Pog at United is basically on another level to everyone else on the Index.

  • @PB-man not for pb or IPDs,

  • @Earshavewalls Huh? Pog has won more PB and produced more IPDs than Kane.

  • Must be a Kane clause similar to the Messi-time-continuam

    Pogba bad because divs mean nothing and risk of depreciation
    Messi is great because he wins divs and depreciation doesn't mean anything

    Kane is immune to facts because...

  • @PB-man you said on another level to anyone on FI. He has more than Kane but not on another level to anyone in FI.

  • @Earshavewalls If anyone's buying pogba for ipds they're fucking crazy tho ahahha

  • @PB-man

    It's not as simple as you made out but I do like a man who looks at numbers. So let's do that.

    Fair Comparison
    You can't buy 1 Pogba for the price of 1 Kane, so you can't compare them both like that. The way to do the comparison is to buy £1,000 worth of both players.

    Result: 208 Kane Futures = 129 Pogba Futures.

    Football Index Scout, shows us that last summer, Pogba earned 47p in MB and Harry Kane earned 33p in MB.

    Given the media bonus I have doubled them both, so Pogba = 94p, Kane = 66p. This is incredibly generous to Pogba because Pogba won the World Cup and he isn't in the Nations League or Champions League anymore, unlike Kane.

    In the last month. Pogba has gone down 5.4%, Kane has risen 17.6%. Rather than assume Kane will continue with that level of growth and Pogba will continue with that level of shrinkage. I have divided them both by 3.

    IE, Kane's projected growth = 5.87% (3x less than it was last month), and Pogba will go down by just 1.83%, instead of going down by 5.4% like he did last month.

    Pogba can't get PB or G&A but Kane can. It's not guaranteed though so we'll ignore these for now.


    208 Kanes * 66p of MB = £137.28
    129 Pogba * 94p of MB = £121.26

    £1,000 Kane + 5.87% = £1058.70
    £1,000 Pogba -1.83% = £981.70

    Total Value
    Kane: £137.28 + £1058.70 = £1,195.98
    Pogba: £981.70 + £121.26 = £1,102.96

    These are all the ways the calculation screws Kane:

    • Assuming Pogba beats Kane for MB, despite the Champions League Final and Nations League Finals

    • Disregarding Kane's chances of PB/G&A

    • Doubling MB over last year, which is where Pogba see's his biggest growth (even though his MB already factors in that he won the World Cup)

    • Dividing Kane's current growth percentage by 3

    • Decreasing Pogba's current decline percentage by a multiple of 3

    Even factoring in all of that... Kane still comes out on top. At a push, you could complain that Pogba should rise because of his MB winnings but last month Pogba won MB a number of times (9p MB), Kane didn't win any... Pogba still declined, Kane still increased and that's when Pogba had chances of PB that Kane didn't have.

    Please everyone... Poke flaws in this. It's by no means a perfect model. It's just an example based on the current data that we have, with some half decent assumptions factored in. Feel free to add in more assumptions and tweak the numbers to see where it comes out.

  • @Dan-The-Man
    Good post bud

  • @Dan-The-Man people are steadfast in there opinions & won't budge no matter what maths you throw at then.

    Best to just leave them to it - the older holders should do just fine as they should have built up a buffer of profit to negotiate any losses. It's the people buying now who have to accumulate 18p of capital appreciation just to cover the commission when sold. Their the ones in choppy water.

    Obviously, if you already hold Pogba, you want others to invest in your product - this is just human nature.

    So your not going to set out the potential pitfalls, only the potential upside - which is him staying or signing a new contract.

    At which point, I'll gladly re-join the boat ⛵ or train 🚂 whatever people want to call it. I've never hid this fact as his MB whilst still at Manchester United is unrivalled on the platform.

    But I don't have any intention being involved while the boat is on choppy waters for a measly 30-40p when his share price could fall by £1.50+

    It's outright bad business.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Great bit of rationale Dan and I accept and appreciate all that you have stated, and I also agree with your evaluation.

    I hold Kane for capital appreciation, I do not hold or will be buying any Pogba shares but for the sake of balance any investor who has held Pogba shares for some time, and are sitting on a juicy profit, I understand why you would hold due to the potential rewards on offer over the summer due to MB, as you would have time to get out should his price tank.

    That said anyone considering buying Pogba at his current price must have balls of steel as the risk/reward ratio is far too high.

    Good luck to everyone who holds (you are braver than me)

  • Pogba is an absolute MB beast at Utd. But if leaves the Premier League, he’ll likely tank, with maybe 50% wiped off his value.

    Even if there’s only a 30% chance of him leaving, the risk is too high for me. I remember what happened to Coutinho after his transfer went through.

    Plus there is the issue that Pogba is actually not a particularly good footballer. I know that doesn’t matter for MB (in fact it may help at times), but I have a nagging feeling that it’ll affect his share price at some point.

    He reminds me of Mario Balotelli a bit - i.e. a problem child who can’t apply himself properly.

    Having said all of that, if I held him, there’s no way i’d sell yet. He’ll return plenty of MB with the “will he / won’t he leave” transfer speculation and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to sell over the next couple of months.

  • @Andy-M having got an ex ,who rattled your cage ?😄

  • @Le-Blanc I am thank you, are you, or are you happier jumping in with nothing to offer the debate. 🤡

  • That was a load of shit tho as kane only went up this month as he dropped so much previously on his injury.

  • @Earshavewalls yes dear.

  • Love it how some people pick up on spelling mistakes yet feel it's ok for people to swear and make personal comments just because someone has a different opinion. If you keep making statements that are statistically or mathematically incorrect expect to be corrected , no need to get your knickers in a twist.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    That was a load of shit tho as kane only went up this month as he dropped so much previously on his injury.

    But on the same 1 monthly graph Pogba has fell from £8.20 to £7.75.

    Other than the obvious rise in Kane because he's coming back from injury you can select 101 other examples of people who have risen (without injury) in the past calendar month according to the player graphs.

    Anyway, signing off for the night as I'm ill. Play nice. 👍

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