Pogba, Hold or sell

  • Hmmmm

    0_1557994088612_Screenshot_20190516-100741_Chrome Beta.jpg

    Just makes it slightly juicier.

  • Pogba is in the promotional campaign for the new Man U kit. Must mean he is staying 😉

  • @TraderJ @Andy-M

    Don't confuse a savvy media personality with hope that he's staying.

    "Hey Pogba... do you want to be in this campaign with your face splattered everywhere"

  • @Dan-The-Man just a joke mate, calm down. Thought the winky face might have given it away, but clearly not. I know it doesn't mean anything but it spices things up :)

  • @TraderJ

    I too made a joke... what, you work alone here?

  • Having been reading this thread for a while now over the course of a few days the first thing I have to say is y'all need to chill out and show each other some respect. There any many users here with many different players in their portfolios bought at different times for different prices for different reasons. Just because User A thinks selling Player A for Price A is a good idea, doesn't mean that fits with User B's strategy. It's great that such a lengthy thread is on-going, but let's not behave like children in the playground please. I'm here to make money, talk football and occasionally have some banter. There are a few in here who have crossed the line in my personal opinion.

    @Dan-The-Man and @Ericali I have no complaints with your theories and it's great to see people using evidence and maths to back-up their opinions. Your tactic is your tactic and it's clearly worked out well for you both - especially where Kane is concerned Dan. I think anyone who DOESN'T have Kane in their portfolio is missing a trick personally, but each to their own (I even said so in this comment here dated 12th April https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/7341/kane/52 )

    Personally, I hold 5 times as many Kane as I do Pogba. I'm 91pps up on Pogba in cap-app alone, and 83pps up on Kane in cap-app alone. Seeing as though pretty much every transfer market/window in the world other than ours doesn't open for another 2 weeks, I won't be selling Pogba just yet. I do have an exit strategy in place though 👍

  • @Dan-The-Man 😴😴😴😴😴

  • @LukeMalla It's not about when it opens mate, when it closes should be the date to keep an eye on, IF Pogba was going to leave M.U then it would be a long old process, hence the reason he should rake in a fair few MB's.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Dan-The-Man Why are you asking me this? I hold more Kane than Pogba, this topic has zero to do with Kane regarding my comments, I won't be predicting anything because i have absolutely no idea.

    I just think it's getting boring reading your negative points over and over and over again, I'm not sure why I'm still getting notifications, I pressed ignore, I guess being tagged still shows up.

    Please please please stop tagging me on this topic after this message, that goes to everyone not just Dan, I'm not interested anymore, we're all just guessing anyway, if we knew these answers then we'd be billionaires now.

    Cya on the next topic guys 😁

  • Going to start this thread back up.

    With Jovic going to Real for £60 million, Hazard looks almost a done deal which you could guess will be in the £80-100 million range. Real are now being linked with Salah(can't see that happening) either way Real Madrid are not a pot of endless money anymore. So with each high priced signing Real make, surly it makes Pogba leaving the Prem less likely. I've not really heard of any other team in for him, apart from weak Juve stories the other month.

  • @Misto depends heavily on whether they can get Bale, James and Isco off the books... Kroos too maybe. Thatd free up plenty of wages to make FFP (hahahaha) a non-issue as well as transfer funds.

    But yes, im inclined to agree... one more signing after Hazard and Jovic so if its not Pogba he wont be moving.

  • @Misto

    Yeah, it's interesting to see some of the developments.

    Real have 500m Euro's to spend according to Marca and they'll have one or two big players like Bale to kick out too which raises cash.


    Interestingly... Hazard's price has fallen off a cliff... peaking at £5.52 and dropping to £4.59 today, so roughly 20% drop in a month filled with transfer speculation.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Eden's price has dropped because FI have reclassified him as a midfielder. Maybe he'll be competing for the same PB as Pogba next season!

  • @Specksynder

    He's been crashing for about a month now. Despite his Europa League success.

    0_1558090046630_Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.34.17.png

  • @Specksynder If they are both at Real and both midfielders, depending on how the style of Real's play suits for the PB matrix. One will be worth something and the other near worthless from a PB point of view.

  • @Misto Sounds like Real are going all out, there's going to be a lot of guys who are used to having teams built around them. Should make for interesting watching.

  • @Dan-The-Man We know 2 super stars in the same team fighting in the same PB pool rarely works for both players(from a FI point of view). One is a FI darling and the other is a FI dud. Or Real could end up being like City where they have to many quality players and they all struggle to get a decent FI value because the competition to be a clear top dog is to fierce.

    What ever happens for now I'm holding my Pogba's. Long live the king.

  • @Misto

    The king is dead... long live King Kane!


    Seriously though.... good luck with Pogba. I know what my luck is like... 2 months from now, I'll be sat here looking at £10 Pogba and £4 Kane.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Yeah that's true, I missed the peaking at £5.52 bit, thought you were just talking about today.

    I was planning on holding my Hazard's throughout the summer (for MB) and into next season at Real (PB) but the second part has been thrown into some doubt now.

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