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    @ScouseSte Just a point about the Hazzard price

    It's not a bad theory actually - I predicted something similar about Hazard and since he signed on the dotted line for Madrid he actually ROSE in price (contrary to many predictions).

    Not sure about his price rising since his transfer to Madrid.

    26/5 . £4.83 . Chelsea player
    13/6 . £4.58 . Unveiled at Madrid
    Todays price . £4.39.

    Unless I have missed something that is a steady decline, where is the rise?

    Initially rose.

    He's now falling, as expected, in line with most players who are also non-active in competitive games and not involved in transfer speculation.

    My point was, his "crash" happened in the 4 weeks leading up to the transfer and not the second he put pen to paper - this is similar to Pogba I suspect

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    Did you create that just for me.

    Aw dude, that's so sweet.

    But er... no.

    Nope just generally, you've not made 400 posts on this have you? I'm not sure who's left on the fence though? Those who hold will hold, those who sold have sold. Nuff said.

  • @Ellisandro

    We shouldn't treat this like it's a set in stone situation.

    Market circumstances change on a constant basis as should our views on weather or not a player is worth buying when more information is made available.

    For example, @Nally 's, point about Hazard, isn't completely without merit. (Though I suspect he's judging things a little prematurely and not entirely factoring in Man Utd's role in Pogba's hold on the media.)

  • @Dan-The-Man Agreed, i think my brexit weariness has just rubbed of on this topic.

    I sold mine early (months back) and won't look to buy back in as until he's at pre-season he's a flaky mofo!

  • On top of the MB again now. Could be the 4th day on the bounce! :D

  • @Cadbury1 choo choo!!

  • Just revealed that his desired location is Juventus over Real Madrid according to sky in Italy

  • @Vespasian32

    Your Pulisic comment earlier made me think about this exchange from earlier in this thread, where I said...

    "300 x Pogba = 1455 Pulisic
    If Pulisic goes up 20%... Pogba has to double his value. I know which one seems more likely to me."

    To which you replied...

    "defo 300 Pogba"

    This was just before Pogba peaked at £8.36, back when Pulisic was around the £1.40 price point.

    If you were to IS Pogba right now, it would have cost you £2 per share. If you were to IS Pulisic right now you'd be up over 60p.

    So... Let's see just how wrong you were.

    300 x -£2 = -£600
    1455 x 60p = £873

    Which means you were wrong to the tune of £1473. Oh wait. Silly me... I forgot you've won 39p worth of dividends...

    0.39 x 300 = £117 (impressive)

    So that means you were wrong to the tune of £1356

    Just saying!


  • @Dan-The-Man haha you say like your timeliness are the only ones that exist... If you say I said that before pogba spiked... What makes you think I would hold? I don't have pogba... I made over £1000 on him and sold after the split. I'd take 300 pogba over Pulisic any day of the week tho. Even now. But remember it's a 3 year hold and can sell at any point in that 3 years.. Not just when it suits you. In the time you've had Pulisic I more than doubled my money on vanaken, El Ghazi and murgia. I also bought 1000 neymar at 6.92... If u want to dig up the neymar thread... That was about 3 weeks ago... Showing as £190 divs won but I think some of that reappeared from a previous hold of him so don't know how much is from the last couple weeks but he's had mb every day this week i think. And 34p cap ap... £340.
    Not sure you ever put your money where your mouth is or make people money? Just tell people who not to buy?

  • @Vespasian32 said in Pogba, Hold or sell:

    @Dan-The-Man If you say I said that before pogba spiked... What makes you think I would hold?

    It was the day or so before his crash that you made that post and the other 20 posts you made... after his initial crash is what makes me think you'd have held. I mean... you literally made posts in this thread... after the crash, saying why you'd held and that you believe he "wouldn't go lower than £7.50" lol. (Ah, the beauty of forums)

    Not that it even matters. Pick whatever timeline you want... 300 Pogba vs 1455 Pulisic.... Pogba was the wrong call because Pulisic has risen by over 40%... so even if you were lucky enough to time it spot on and get out at Pogba's peak, you'd have been all of 3% up instead of 40% up.

  • Pulisic on loan to vitesse by jan

  • @Dan-The-Man said in Pogba, Hold or sell:


    Bought a few when I first joined at the end of December and keep using dividends to buy more. This bit of growth has come earlier than I anticipated to be honest.

    0_1556017159209_Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.58.57.png

    My plan is to have 300 by end of season and 600 before next season

    Last time you asked me if I put my money where my mouth is, I showed you the above post. Then as I said... I topped up to the 300 bringing his average up

    0_1561243686515_Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 23.47.21.png

    What price did you get out of Pogba?

  • Wow, I bought ,you bought, I posted this you posted that, 😴 The only thing that really matters is either buy him or don't. If you do and lose money live with it, if you don't he doesn't matter to you as you have no money on him.

  • @fantasyindex

    Might as well close the forum down then ay?

  • @Dan-The-Man Exactly nothing but Pogba for weeks, I wouldn't mind but he's not fit to lace Messi's boots IMO, I understand that media is an integral part of the platform especially in the supposed close season. However when so many players are actually actively involved in major tournaments surely it would have been more interesting to have PB and IPD's available for the many games over the last month especially as it is a platform that guess what! Is based on FOOTBALL!!!
    Instead of which we have to put up with the continuous drivel spewed out by spotty hacks. We are left hanging on their supposed big story as Media Bollocks are the only dividends available. Other platforms are emerging that are going to be based on what is important ,The Football, and I for one would be happier having my money invested where my judgement on a players ability is either rewarded or not and not dependant on news stories that have naf all to do with football.
    I have had a profitable time and enjoyed FI but I think they have missed the opportunity to create more interest this Summer and attracting those who are football fans. If you have no interest in what party Neymar's gatecrashed or if Pogba has had a haircut then it has been a pretty boring Summer. Thank God for some great trading opportunities on Betfair this Summer.

  • @fantasyindex

    I agree it may seem boring, however many traders over the last 3 years have built there portfolios around media buzz you cannot just get rid of it or move the goalposts as this would directly change the value of players overnight. If changes are to happen they would need phasing in very gradually over a long period of time.

    When we all decide to invest via the index we know the rules and the dividend structure and therefore should be investing with that in mind

  • @Fletch As I say I understand the platform is and has been media based since inception. I have been on here for over two years but have always felt the media side of the platform as being a weakness. Investors, as you say, have made vast sums from the media dividends but it feels as though FI are weighting the platform towards it over the actual game. The boredom could easily have been eradicated had they used the tournament's this Summer. Instead we have media madness which is exactly that. FI make their money because we are punting on the ramblings of journalists. I also cannot see many new investors being attracted to a platform that ignores some of the biggest tournament's in the game in favour of a media based promotion.
    When you suggest moving goalposts and it can't be done , FI do that with every promotion they introduce, they all affect the market in some way. I am all for something such as media div's to fill the days where there are no matches but if there are matches that involve a high percentage of players on FI it should take preference.
    However it's just my opinion and as I said I have plenty away from FI to get my teeth into and will just set my port for a couple of years and dip in and out. Unfortunately though I have lost interest in the platform as it stands. I hope FI make some changes that will peak my interest but until then I won't be getting involved in the gimmicky promotions and concentrate my attentions on PB players and long term holds.

  • @fantasyindex

    Are journalists allowed to own an FI account?
    Call me cynical but it only takes 3 or 4 of them to form a syndicate and then all write about players in their portfolio. It would be so simple, emailing each other towards the end of the day "right Pogba is in 7th place lads, throw up a couple of articles on his latest social media post and use some high scoring words in the title like FANTASTIC or WINNER"

    Because FI isn't a "stock market", there is no regulating this behaviour.

  • @ScouseSte I wouldn't be surprised if it has been tried but I think that the money made wouldn't be worth the time and effort on the Journalists part. Your right though the platform is licenced as a gambling platform but not regulated as a stock market leaving it open to manipulation and as it is seemingly self policed how well FI do in policing is anybodys guess.
    I am curious as to the awareness of FI of its recent Summer Bonus Promotion and the encouragement of investing to get 5,10 or 20 % of that investment is being seen by the gambling commission. There has been many debating taking out loans, getting credit or using life savings to take advantage which is fine as most that do will be able to control and satisfy their repayments but given recent clamp downs on terminals in bookies, the recent bells and whistles promotions will have surely raised a few eyebrows and have peaked the interest of those who control licensing. Obviously the payout had a restriction but it was still an encouragement to invest a very large sum to get the maximum payout that could have tempted those with little financial management skills to take out large loans etc. As we know once you have actually invested you are already 2% down from day one until your players increase to cover the commission before you can get out and break even. Undoubtedly there were some less experienced that may have taken the route described and made large investments on players that have subsequently nose dived leaving them with a situation of having the payout wiped out by the CA drops and having a portfolio worryingly in the red.
    Obviously those that be in that position would be a small percentage as the majority are financially savvy but how it is seen by potential investors and those who recently invested will be completely different to those with pots of cash to burn or those familiar with FI.
    Some will have invested seeing the bonus as a quick way to turn a profit intending to withdraw as soon as the bonus landed and are now waiting it out to break even if they are lucky. They may not see FI as a cash cow just now but if ,and it's a big if, they feel somehow cheated or short changed they will be reporting on FI in less than favourable terms which could affect FI going forward.
    And you thought you were Cynical😁😁

  • @ScouseSte said in Pogba, Hold or sell:


    Are journalists allowed to own an FI account?
    Call me cynical but it only takes 3 or 4 of them to form a syndicate and then all write about players in their portfolio. It would be so simple, emailing each other towards the end of the day "right Pogba is in 7th place lads, throw up a couple of articles on his latest social media post and use some high scoring words in the title like FANTASTIC or WINNER"

    Because FI isn't a "stock market", there is no regulating this behaviour.

    No, I remember Jim White saying he wasn't allowed to do it on Talksport.

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