Planning Ahead?

  • Is it now possible to plan for 3 year holds given the possibility of further share splits, promotions and platform growth in that time. Would any of these changes affect you investing on long term holds?

  • @Earshavewalls

    I don't know how anyone would plan 3 year holds on here and what expectations they'd have either.

    For me, it's about seeing where the market is going to move to a few months from now. For others it's about who's going to rise the most today. I guess it depends on how you go about it.

    Like... let's say you look at FI, with the observation that foreign players are undervalued because of the British Media... and that the company running FI, will want to expand to foreign markets and media... which will increase the price of foreigners...


    Right now Keepers are ridiculously low in value... but as the market grows, FI will want to change that, so investing in them now could pay off massively in 3 years...

    Those types of gambles I could understand... I wouldn't do them... but I could understand them.

    Buying a player like Chong because in 3 years he might be as good as Sterling... well that's not how I look at it.

  • @Dan-The-Man Keepers are probably as you say the more reliable holds and the possibility of FI beginning to focus on them is always there. I hold Pickford and have for a while. All keepers keep clean sheets which gives you some div return and have fairly stable share prices . As far as outfield players are concerned to sink and sit on a small group of players for 3 years is a less favorable plan than 2 years ago when I joined. I sank into Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar and sat doing nicely, but moving on from them and trying to find players who give you dividends across the board and Capitol Appreciation is less obvious and more of a risk as at some point FI may tweek the rules and make what was a sound investment less so. Case in point if the platform were to become less media orientated Pogba would be a less attractive investment. It wouldn't effect the likes of Pickford or Messi as much because they aren't media reliant. IMO the pitch of long term holds are a less attractive alternative to short or medium holds which means revenue for the platform turns over quicker which to FI is both more beneficial and desirable.

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