Invest in GKs next season?

  • Hey Guys

    Who thinks that investing in GKs for next season is a good idea?

    1p return on clean sheets would be good return for holds like Ederson, Allison, Ter Stegan, Oblak and maybe Kepa....

    Would it be worth it, lets hear your opinions....



  • @AndyP32 IPD dividends only last 30 days though so you can't invest in them now for next season

  • @TraderJ i understand that but GKs seem to be worthless at the moment even with this 1p clean sheet return (unless you buy 100+ and they have 2/3 clean sheets over 30 days then you would have sell and re-buy for the next 30 days) also they have less than 1% chance of being in the top 5 MB places, so in all fairness it would be worth investing in the first 30 days of August and the first 30 days of Sept to see how it goes otherwise what is the point of having Gks on the Index??

  • @AndyP32 I don't think there is much point other than if you pick up a very cheap GK and they pick you up 2-3 clean sheets in their first 30 days then I suppose you get a decent ROI and maybe some Cap app if others buy in. Or maybe in rare cases you might get a lucky PB win

  • I'm thinking long term, looking at players like Carry (I know not a GK) and Pickford knowing they will suddenly become on trend for IPD in August/September when their prices return to what they were.

    Ie Vardy 32pX100=£32.00-10% bonus = £28.80 - any goals he may score in the last games, let's say 2 =£26.80 with potential of rising back to around 50p so £50 means almost 100% return.

    Dead money over the summer but doubling £100 to £200 with low management, low risk and low outlay is win win!

    Goalkeepees like Pickford and Schmichel may be worth looking at as they are younger and while not the same return may be linked with transfers over the summer when 5 places are paid.

  • Should read Vardy.

  • I'm keeping a stock of keepers long term, betting that at some point over the next 3 years, they will open up a PB for GK. I think it must be high on the list of their next 'stop the market slowing' ideas. Weve had a share split, weve had IPDs, weve had MB boost and trading %bonuses...seems an easy idea to stimulate a quiet part of the market to make them more money when they next need it...

    Players like Degea, Stegen, Donarumma will rocket!

  • Nope - pants idea

  • Maybe if the clean sheet dividend was over a few months or even year then id have a look

  • I hold a few keepers in my portfolio and have had a bit of cap growth on some (Angus Gunn, Christian Fruchtl and Jack Butland in particular) but I wont be actively looking to add any more, as the market doesn't seem to particularly value them at the moment. That said, I can see PBs for keepers coming at some point, so I'm happy to keep holding what I've got for now.

  • Holding keepers is a good idea IMO as is holding players across the spectrum because with the platform evolving, it means areas that seem stagnant at present could become more profitable over time. Just as you need to be using your experience to determine market movement and possible solid investments you can also use experience to determine where FI may adjust things and include that in your thinking. For a few pence per Keeper you can build shares up over time and if and when there is a shift you will already have a position of strength. The fact that for most keepers share price isn't going to depreciate as much as an outfield players for instance means if nothing changes you should have had a few CS divis pocketed and can sell up not much worse off.

    IMO a penalty save is as good as a goal and should be recognised as such with a dividend reward. With VAR there will no doubt be more penalties which would increase the penalty takers Dividend Payouts but if the Keeper saves it it gets recognised as part of the PB scoring system as it will for the scorer but doesn't reward any Keeper investor.

    Whoknows this may change and Keepers may become more lucrative!!!

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