Instant sale Spreads?

  • How do football index determine their spreads? As there seem to be no pattern to it. Sometimes the spread is 50p and then on a similar pruced player its 15p

    Anyone no??

  • @NewUser71838 dunno for sure but I think it's related to how many are on the market ie people trying to sell at market price. The more being sold the higher the variance.

  • Id imagine Its to do with How many shares FI broker i see That PC spread was 50p now its less i think also its to make stability If They know some Of the large traders are looking for example a 25% margin by making a spread large It stopa the big boys selling and gives long term investers a chance They will see traders patterns and some trades are damaging to the platform especialy the traders who use twitter to attract lemmings to invest so They can pull there investments or the other way Where scare mongering is used to decrease stock prices for a more palletable buy price Thats my guess

    I also note the spread on P-E ABMYNG being large about 10% Thats because anyones guess If he will end up in Liverpool or china or london Maybe i pulled my investments early Of £100 i couldnt take the risk

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