2 Names from the top 10

  • I have been slowly investing into my portfolio I have previously invested in Pogba and Sterling but sold more to be able to afford a wider portfolio, I am now at the point Im happy with my choices and will continue to top up the players I have. I am now looking at adding 2 players from top 10 I am getting some extra money end of the month who would it be?
    I am leaning towards Mbappe and Sancho for transfer speculation and also to continue the holds for next season. Not to sure but would like to hear some opinions.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,in very similar situation Sebastian,with England games coming up,return from injury,and possible transfer talk,im leaning towards Harry Kane.

  • Harry kane for me would be number 1. Nations league coming up and I'm sure theres a transfer saga to be had at some point in the future.

    As for no.2 I'm torn between Sancho and Salah I'd expect them both to do well for MB in the close season.

  • Kane would be my no. 1, with his price likely to rise as he returns from injury and the Nations League coming up too. Probably Sterling would be my other, as the Nations League should help him as well and a possible POTY win wouldn't do him any harm either. Some of the others in the top 10 look a bit inflated to me at the moment.

  • When Sanchos transfer saga to the prem gets going expect him to rocket along with lots of divs🤑🤑

  • @Sebastian for me Mbappee won't see much media attention unless you're looking to hold beyond the summer and going into 2020. He pretty much ruled out a move yesterday by saying he is staying and its good for Real that Zidane is back but he is watching from afar and will stay at PSG. I'd expect a move at some point but think Real will be looking elsewhere for this summer

  • Sancho n Cho

  • Sancho and Salah

  • @Sebastian personally feel Sterling stands out for me. If Man City win the league he will get the plaudits, also potentionally Player of the year if not defo has young player of the year rapped up. Then nations league too. Feel he will be in top 5 more often that not

  • Salah and Kane

  • Salah and sancho don’t think there is a downside for either,think pogba could have massive MB but when he goes to Madrid if you don’t time it right I think a lot of people will get burned.

  • Hazard and Sancho.

  • Sancho Pogba

  • Sancho is going to be making headlines this summer with potential move. If United go in for him it's going to kick off!

    Neymar and Mbappe are going to be linked with Real all summer as well even if a deal isn't likely. I think Neymar is the best hold out of those two. Seems Mbappe will do at least one more season at PSG from what he's saying but Neymar could be swayed to leave. Would be a huge transfer.

  • Thanks for the input still undecided but still got a few days

  • Messi and Sterling. Messi will never let you down in terms of dividends and Sterling getting that PB consistency to go with his Media draw.

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