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  • I gather I've been in the minority because my watch list was actually working, but the last couple of days it's just a blank screen. When I scroll through the markets the players I had on there are still highlighted as being on my watchlist.

    Does anyone know a way of fixing it? Doubly frustrating as I'll be putting a decent bit of money in in the next week or so and want to add a player or two to my ever narrowing portfolio

  • It's a known problem if you log in from different devices. I had the same issue last year and just used a spreadsheet. Good Luck with your further investment.

  • Cheers mate. We were out and about the other day and my battery died so I logged in using the mrs's phone. I didn't know that caused it. Nightmare

  • @MickTurbo - it is annoying but hopefully not a reason to not invest some further funds. I now have spreadsheets for all types of players and am thinking about a spreadsheet to manage my spreadsheets....

  • Haha. No I'll still be putting the money in. I'm gonna be dedicating a lot of time this week to picking the players to invest in. I had maybe 25 on the list so it was gonna come in handy that's all

  • good tactic is to buy one share of each player then you evvectively have a more useful watchlist. Provided your budget can afford this its a pretty good tactic as you can see quickly when someones starting to spike.

  • Yeh I'll probably just do that mate. I've just downloaded a notepad app there and made what would effectively end up as an index, with the idea of making a profile page of each player but I'll probably just buy one share in each because it's so much easier and actually has advantages.

    There was a thread about having categories within your portfolio, this us another argument for it because loads of peoples watchlist aren't working

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