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  • @Tom77 well, the agents are paid by the club for handling the deal, then a % from the player. They do a wonderful job to earn their money...I mean, how could 2 club chairman possibly negotiate and agree a deal without at least 2 agents involved

  • Been thinking with the links to man utd. If Bale does go to them who becomes man utd’s media darling does Pogba keep his crown or will the media favour writing about Bale?

    My thoughts are that if he does sign it will hit pogba holders hard

  • Everyone aboard....

  • I think a lot of people are writing bale off too soon
    A loan deal to man United is a huge possibility and if he does go united he will prove his worth on the pitch!
    I expect him to transfer in some way to spurs or united

  • @NewUser355508 i dont hold either btw. I sold Bale a while back. So not a pump just a thought

  • @Munchie63 said in Gareth bale:

    @johnboywalker Ziane played him when he was in charge first time round, That said, he left him out of the CL final XI until that overhead kick left Bale with the last laugh.

    Bale isnt popular with the crowd so selling him makes Zidane look good. Plus, he has Isco and Asensio who he likes, and Vinicius and Vasquez.

    Anything at all he generates for Bale goes towards Hazard.

    RE transfer requests. Your correct. no request = player gets 10% of the transfer fee. Hand in a request and that drops to 5%. That's standard fees, and Bale may well have a better deal. Hard to imagine he actually needs the money though

    To my understanding (The Secret Footballer), if a player doesn't hand in a transfer request then the club has to pay off his contract which obviously in Bale's case would be an astronomical amount of money. This why player's usually hint they want to leave but refuse to put in a request.

    Obviously if a transfer is to the player's benefit they can negotiate it (the player wouldn't want to stop a transfer because club is unwilling to do it)but in this case where the player doesn't want to leave, the club is powerless.

  • If he goes united where does he play??
    From the right?

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    @speedloafer 30 is in his prime, between 28 and 32 should be his best years. His form has been declining because he has been in and out of a poor Real team, yes he has picked up a few injuries as well but given a run of games i'm sorry but the guy can be devastating. As @Hotspur said above I would love him back at Spurs, he is a next level player but his wages would be too much for us even at a cut.

    Its variable from player to player. Vardy probably hadn't hit peak at 30 whereas Owen was pretty much done at that age. Bale is all about pace and power - he is picking up injuries constantly now, he's almost certainly on the downward spiral physically.

    I've made a conscious decision to keep away from transfers - far too risky and I've not done well in the past on them. If I was going for them, Bale would be an interesting one as its likely to linger and there is a reasonable chance of a good outcome.

  • Bale would be a significant improvement on what Man Utd currently have if he signed. He wasn't injured all that much last season when compared to other players such as Neymar but has similar media pulling power and PB potential. At United he would be a huge media pull and he'd probably be playing far more full games unlike at Real last season where his PB scores were often stunted by being a substitute or being taken off before the end. In La Liga for example his average appearance time was only 61.8 minutes in the games he played. He would also be playing in the Europa league with lots of chances to pick up big scores against mediocre opposition.

  • @mike778

    this is a tongue in cheek, but quite factual transfer from start to finish. Even includes the relevant paperwork that has to be sent.
    Interesting read
    link text

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