Gareth bale

  • Are people actually so stupid that they are selling because of one article saying he may go to china? The bloke gets linked to man utd every year; surely now is the perfect time for someone like them to finally sign him?

  • Panic selling at its finest.

  • China is probably more likely considering his wages and that he is now injury prone cant see any of the top 4 in PL interested.

  • He is 25p up on the last month, 80p up on last 3 months and a couple of pence up on last 7 days.
    Hardly panic selling stuff.

  • The answer is Yes

    No chance he goes to China, he isn't done in Europe by a long shot, doesn't even want to leave Real Madrid. Will reduce his wage demands to come back to the PL if he loses the fight to stay at Real.


    Their high-profile arrivals, along with dozens of other foreign stars such as Brazilians Hulk and Paulinho, triggered fears that Chinese clubs were distorting the international transfer market with overinflated wages and fees.

    But the CFA has since moved to stop the splurge and force teams to focus on youth development instead, and there is unlikely to be serious money spent when the winter transfer window opens on Jan 1.

    The CFA last year slapped a 100 per cent transfer tax on the purchase of overseas players, which significantly reined in Chinese clubs, and the organisation limited the number of foreigners each team can field to three a match.

  • @MrWh1te I think he is referring to the -16p fall on the last 24 hrs. He may be well up from where he was 3 months ago but he is currently falling. 16p in 24 hours might be considered as alarming to some, especially if you bought in recently.

  • I got rid of mine... Made good enough profit. If he drops to 2.60ish I'll buy back in as I do think he will stay in Europe and get his move. Can see him being a last minute loan to Chelsea or Utd

  • @ChintzyMoon But its not though, is it.

    Even over last 7 days he is still up. A drop is nothing over 1 day and similar to what several others have dropped too, including Mess, Pogba and rashford

  • I bought in @£2.50 just before last announcement sold some @£2.75 holding the ones I have left I think he will rise again

  • If he drops more top up, it's a good thing in the long run, other people's bad decisions make you money

  • If the article was on any other day of the week it wouldn’t have had any impact - unfortunately the Monday sell-off can cause users to be a little more rash than usual.

    He will pick back up again for sure

  • Monday sell offs will be interesting during the cash bonus period... People unlikely to withdraw atm... So do they put it in the youth bubble or sit on it till match day as cash balance?

  • @MrWh1te No and I understand what you are saying but not everyone looks at it that way. He is down -16p in the last 24 hrs. It is also true that others are in the same boat and you mentioned Pogba which is another being debated on a separate thread. Its my own personal belief that people pulling out of him for a couple of bad performances in a shit manure side is also panic selling with the summer coming and dividends galore to be had.

  • This is madness. No chance he goes to China. Far more likely Man U. Would love him at Spurs but wages too high. I'm topping up...

  • Just gone back up a couple pence,I’ve just topped up a few

  • He is 30 at the start of next season, he is on 350k after tax and his form has been declining all season. Who would risk him? Manchester United wont be in the Champions league and probably not for a while.

  • @speedloafer 30 is in his prime, between 28 and 32 should be his best years. His form has been declining because he has been in and out of a poor Real team, yes he has picked up a few injuries as well but given a run of games i'm sorry but the guy can be devastating. As @Hotspur said above I would love him back at Spurs, he is a next level player but his wages would be too much for us even at a cut.

  • He won't go to China. He barely seems to have settled in Spain which is much more similar to the UK culturally than China so I figure a non Western country is probably unlikely at least until he reaches the last year of his career i.e age 34/35.

    I found the articles about Madrid sending him out on loan interesting as I think this opens up a whole host of further options and clubs within Europe and particularly the EPL. A deal similar to the Rodriguez one may appeal to significantly more clubs as they never actually have to pay the full transfer fee and they only have to fund the wages for say 2 years.

  • @ChintzyMoon His game is based on power and pace I don't think he will be the same player in 2 years time (32). If Spurs make Champions League football and he was willing to take a pay cut it could happen, but apart from that. Maybe Man Utd, maybe PSG if Neymar leaves, I cant think of any other clubs that would pay the wages apart from China etc.

    I don't think he will go out on loan like Rodriguez. Bayern paid a lump sum up front and covered his wages (which were cut) and he goes back to Real at 27 if Bayern dont want him. I don't think Madrid would want Bale back at 33 for 1 season on 350k. They will be looking to sell.

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