Andre Silva

  • Surely going to be leaving Milan in the summer, bagged 9 for Sevilla this season. Rumours with multiple clubs throughout the year including Chelsea and Wolves. Cheap as chips at 59p just now.

  • @NewUser149543

    Weren't the 9 goals all scored within 1 month at the start of the season, then he turned to dogshit.

    I made a fair amount of money on him at that time. I also watched him play in several games and he doesnt get involved in the build up play and is technically pretty average.

    As a result, his PB scores rely on him getting a hatrick to even challenge the likes of Messi or the Hazard brothers.

    Admittedly, he will move on from Milan, so might generate some MB interest if he comes to the EPL.

  • Yeah there's better value out there (even in that price bracket) altho he will be linked with wolves a number of times i imagine.

  • I disagree. Every time I’ve seen him play you can see he has technical ability, his movement could be better. He’s still very young and his goal scoring record when on form is up there amongst the best. He bangs them in for Portugal. I feel he’s been frozen out by Sevilla and Milan, prem move could definitely be on the cards

  • @NewUser142017

    Out of interest, why do you think Milan and Sevilla have frozen him out?

    Perhaps they believe he is not good enough (yet) and is not developing as they had hoped.

    I'm pretty sure everyone of the goals he scored for Sevilla were tap ins.

    I want to like the kid, I genuinely do, but every time I watch him, I am disappointed.

  • @johnboywalker No I agree it’s not a positive sign, but I’m saying he certainly has the potential with the right move. Also think Sevilla didn’t want to pay that price tag, which on early season form looked cheap but not on 2019 form. But that’s why he hasn’t played recently. I don’t hold, but I’ve ear marked him as someone that with a move and a couple of goals, he would shoot up due to age and previous batches of form

  • @NewUser142017 well, bangs them in is a bit of hyping up.

    he likes to score against Poland, but his last 2 games were Serbia and Ukraine and he failed to score in either.
    If we expect Ronaldo to play in the 2 Nations games, he wont even get the chance.

    Sevilla and Milan are knocking him back for a reason.

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