Busquets Pump & Dump beware!

  • Unless there is some really relevant news which has caused his price to rise then beware jumping onboard.

    Hundreds or maybe thousands were purchased by "Insider" who does this on a regular basis,buying a stock in mass numbers to get it on the trending list.

    Be careful is all I say.

  • Good info for the community.

    I saw this also and always try to avoid whoever Insider is buying.

    Occasionally, if you notice Insider buying in the activity ticker early and hop on/hop off quickly after a short rise, you can make a quick buck, but a bit risky!

  • Oriol or Sergio?

  • @SemiNewUser1 Yep agree.

    Just wanted to sound out to the relatively new investors as it's a road to loose money this way.

    Beware anyone that buys chunks of shares to get them on the trending list as you can be sure once a few others buy after them and raise price a few more pence then sure as eggs is eggs he will dump the lot and you are left with a potentially hefty loss.

    Happy tradingšŸ˜‰

  • @Lukeroro Oriol

  • Mainly putting it out there as it is insider buying all stock and I have seen no other buys.
    Just suspicious that's all.

    Hey as I stated in the original post there may be relavent news and he may know something.

    Who knows.

  • There should be a main thread where we can collect the names of the suspicious trader bots.

  • Held Busquets since he IPOd a few months ago. Had a quick search after the price rise and couldn't see anything apart from that he'd trained with the first team the other day. I suspect a pump and dump so took the profits whilst I could.

  • @GOT-GOT-NEED same here. Bought 5 of Barca's B team a while back as long term holds, but thought I'd take it now and look to buyback in the summer.
    Unless he squeezes into the Spain U21 squad it seemed a good idea.

  • looking now and he's 48p.

    crazy as he isnt about to start games and is a holding midfielder. Bright future and has been linked with Ajax on loan to sweeten the De Ligt deal. But nothing definite there.

  • can the same be said about Sylla?

  • @NewUser297399 said in Busquets Pump & Dump beware!:

    can the same be said about Sylla?

    Not really because Sylla is actually in the Monaco squad and has made about 15 first team appearances this season at 19 years old. I'm guessing Sylla's price increase is more because he looked very cheap compared to Geubbels and Diop who are also at Monaco.

  • @Static hasn't Geubbels only got one ball ?

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