Anwar El Ghazi

  • Alright guys, been doing some research in to under-priced players and found El Ghazi. He's having a ridiculously good season at Villa 6 goals and 7 assists so far. Villa doing great in Championship with chance of promotion and he's only 23. He's massively underpriced at £0.25!
    Good find?

  • What position?

  • Winger. On loan from Lille isn't he? Maybe he will stay and replace Pepe. Was good on the last FM ☺

  • He's one that I've got my eye on. He's on a season-long loan deal from Lille and I think Villa have an option to buy included in the deal. Got a couple of caps for Netherlands too.

  • Great find, seen him play this season a little bit, definitely one for the future

  • Rated highly and performing well so wouldn't be surprised if they make the deal permanent. Some of the Villa fans call him the Championship Ronaldo! 😂 Not sure he's that level but worth a look

  • @Itsjadams did you back him and buy some shares? He's rising, albeit slowly, I'm going to throw some money in. Bought a few earlier and going to top up soon (I'm top of sell queue on a couple of players).

    I don't see him staying at Villa if they don't go up... So one of three choices;

    1. villa come up and make the move permanent
    2. back to Lille and with some of their current crop leaving he could become a first choice in Europe and PB league
    3. makes a transfer elsewhere... Bit of a gamble he goes back to Holland I suppose? But now he's played in England I think he either stays at Lille or comes to the EPL.

    For 32p im going for it.

  • @Vespasian32 theres a way of telling where u are in the sell queue?

  • @MickTurbo when you are top your shares start selling ☺

    Some weeks at work I'm left alone enough I can monitor price changes vs ticker vs ipo price etc and have a very good idea of how many are in the queue... Like card counting!

  • Hahaha 🙈🙈🙈🙈


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