What is the point in this forum?

  • I've come to realise that 90 percent of this forum revolves around fear mongering and promotion of players that the original poster holds, whereas surely the aim of this should be more based on helpful tactics, helping new players understand the index and discussion on football index' announcements / interventions.

    I realise I'm not a consistent poster and have to promoted players I own on here but I definitely won't be doing that anymore. Shouldn't we all just stop commenting on 'whats happening with Bale, Hazard', 'buy longstaff now' as I really don't see it as helpful to anyone and tends to just escalate fear mongering and negativity.

  • I disagree. I have found the forum informative and at times when the market had been struggling, comments from more experienced traders have put things into perspective.
    I have also had decent player tips from here. However, I would never blindly buy and always do my own research.
    Inevitably, there's always going to be a few posts that are not worth reading but they are in the minority in my opinion.
    Good luck with your portfolio though and I'm certainly not having a dig.

  • I must admit I have found reading the forum posts very informative as a fairly new trader. You can soon wheedle out the posts which are not relevant to you. If not for this forum I would not have found players like Skov and Ekkelenkamp to throw my money at.

  • By the nature of any open forum, you're going to get a fair portion of junk. However, if you choose to read with a receptive but partially critical mind, you can easily eliminate most of the trash. Like a couple of others below have eluded to, there are some real gems to be found, courtesy of others' recommendations on the forums.

    This is just another sort of information (sometimes dis info), that you need to filter and interpret. I personally think it's a very useful resource.

  • Maybe we should all sit round in a circle, hold hands and sing Kumbaya?

  • I find the forum a great place to learn from experienced traders. Though, I do think there should be more posts pinned to the top, posts that would help beginners and stop them from starting new posts with the same questions.

  • @Conor-OB good shout that

  • I hardly ever post on the forum, however I read it on a daily basis. The experienced traders here (and even users newer than myself) often give good, unbiased opinions and reasonable justifications for them too. You're right though, some posts can be slightly annoying so just try and ignore the pumps. Majority of users on here will give a good, engaged response to any half decent question hahaha!

    For me personally, I think the forum adds more of a human, communal touch to a platform that would seem too serious for my liking without. At the end of the day, we are all just a bunch of people that enjoy football, and love to waffle on about it. When I'm not doing/reading it on here, I'm doing it down the pub with my mates!! 😁

  • Disagree. Buy some Brewster 😉

    The thing is... To build my portfolio I have stragegised. When someone asks for advice 'I have £500 who should I buy?'... It would be contradictory for me to suggest anyone I haven't bought... Because if I believed in them I would have bought them.

    All advice needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as the advisor stands to benefit if you follow... But doesn't mean it isn't helpful. @LuaLua started a thread today on a player Mateta... Who absolutely fits my current purchasing philosophy but I'd overlooked... So i piled in and I've made profit so lualua has made even more profit.

    Likewise if someone writes a damning thread or comment about a player I own... I will put a counterargument as to why I hold... Same reasoning... I stand to benefit, but I hold for a reason.

    If everyone does the same as I've detailed above... The forum should then act as a sounding ground for a sample of the market and give a consensus. Like ask the audience in Who Wants to be a Millionaire... If the consensus on a thread is more than 65% then you should probably take heed. If its just one guy pumping a player and no one bites... Then safe to ignore

  • As a trader who found the forum and the index while in hospital i can honestly say its been a ray of light in my life.
    The point of the forum?
    The forum is a great place for people to seek and share help (I can't tell you how much money this site has saved and made me. I almost put all my money in idrissa gueye the first week 🤣🤣🤣🤣)
    Its a place for people to have a good feisty fun funny debate,
    It's a place to embolden belief in the platform in times of uncertainty,
    A place where years of knowledge and funny trade stories can be shared
    Its a place where people can celebrate great trades together
    Its a place where people can moan about pogbas new haircut stealing mb again
    It's a place where the community can feel involved in the growth of a company they have great belief for and can share that enthusiasm with each other

    I think the benefits of the forum are clear and I can't advocate for this place enough. I advise you to go and enjoy it. Sorry to get sentimental but i think this place is pretty great.

    The one troll you've mentioned seems like an isolated example that's never happened before.

    As for 'pumping' I don't think anyone comes onto the forum saying look over here I have an overvalued player that you should all buy. It's always sharing an asset that is undervalued and helping out people and friends. If you don't wanna read it you don't have too.

    As for fearmongering I think its easy to feel that comments are just fearmongering when you hold a player whose being talked down. Our brains are psychologically risk averse and are more scared of potential loss than we are of potential gain so negative comments echo louder than positive ones but you have to remember that most of the time its just people giving their honest opinion, why would anyone not? and that's all you can ask for. And what you really want after all. If bale is a bad investment I'd rather be told, even if it means selling at a loss. At least i learnt that before all the people who don't use the forum.

    To sum up i think you should all buy jean phillipe mateta and robert skov both great investments 🤣🤣.

  • @LuaLua said in What is the point in this forum?:

    To sum up i think you should all buy jean phillipe mateta

    👍 😂

  • @Hartley

    I really enjoy the forums (probably a bit too much to be honest).

    I find that nothing encourages me to learn more than debate and most of the exchanges I've been in have been friendly.

    I do tend to talk about players I own I guess... but that's because if I thought someone else was a brilliant buy, I'd go get them...

    The only aspects I don't like... and its the same on every forum... are the "forum nazi's"

    You know, the "why didn't you dig through 600 threads to find that one on Pulisic from 2 years ago" type people. But I don't see too many of them about.

  • @Dan-The-Man said in What is the point in this forum?:

    I find that nothing encourages me to learn more than debate

    Yea really good point. The forum forces you to think critically.
    I wouldn't be suprised if the OG forum users who have been debating for years are the most knowledgeable users on the whole of Fi.

  • @LuaLua two grand master traders, with stacked portfolios, buying boats together, so they can argue in the sun :)

    Ahhhhh.. the dream!

  • There’s a few bell ends on here, but also there’s some decent stuff posted as well. I don’t post very often, but after checking my portfolio, then looking at the movers in the market, it’s the next thing to look at on the list. Would miss it if it did not exist, but admit you have to filter out the bullshit!!

  • @Vespasian32 👍🏻 Spot on and thank you for your contributions.

  • @Hartley A lot of this forum is social dribble. Some entertaining, often not. There are also nuggets of gold if you sift through and find them.

    I think there is a fair amount of advice for new users. We've managed to get a massive advice thread pinned to the top of the forum and that should speak volumes.

    There is a fair amount of scaremongering but there is also a solid "community spirit" that tends to suppress that. But where there is a lot of money involved it's to be expected.

    You seem to have a negative view of forum users promoting their own players. If I think a player will make good returns, I think it's good to promote him and I think I'd be stupid not to own him if I think there's going to be profit involved.

  • As @TomIrving pointed out, the forum is a great place to chat football and connect with other FI users, voice concerns, get a second opinion. I’ve learned massively through the forum. If the thread is just a lame pump I usually don’t even open it. But in the shite there are nuggets of gold. There are always ppl on the forum that know more about certain subjects/players than you. I might be raving about a player, then someone points out he’s total garbage at MB/PB or that he’s a signed a contract in a none PB league and it is very useful info. I remember someone last autumn (someone who doesn’t usually pump) saying check out Vinicius and Rodrygo. So I checked them, liked what I saw and made a large profit. Probably wouldn’t have caught that bus so early and made that profit without the forum. It’s a wealth of knowledge if u know who to listen to and where to look. 🌱👑

  • It serves many purposes. Sadly it has become a bit of a pumping ground...

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