What is the point in this forum?

  • @LuaLua said in What is the point in this forum?:

    To sum up i think you should all buy jean phillipe mateta

    👍 😂

  • @Hartley

    I really enjoy the forums (probably a bit too much to be honest).

    I find that nothing encourages me to learn more than debate and most of the exchanges I've been in have been friendly.

    I do tend to talk about players I own I guess... but that's because if I thought someone else was a brilliant buy, I'd go get them...

    The only aspects I don't like... and its the same on every forum... are the "forum nazi's"

    You know, the "why didn't you dig through 600 threads to find that one on Pulisic from 2 years ago" type people. But I don't see too many of them about.

  • @Dan-The-Man said in What is the point in this forum?:

    I find that nothing encourages me to learn more than debate

    Yea really good point. The forum forces you to think critically.
    I wouldn't be suprised if the OG forum users who have been debating for years are the most knowledgeable users on the whole of Fi.

  • @LuaLua two grand master traders, with stacked portfolios, buying boats together, so they can argue in the sun :)

    Ahhhhh.. the dream!

  • There’s a few bell ends on here, but also there’s some decent stuff posted as well. I don’t post very often, but after checking my portfolio, then looking at the movers in the market, it’s the next thing to look at on the list. Would miss it if it did not exist, but admit you have to filter out the bullshit!!

  • @Vespasian32 👍🏻 Spot on and thank you for your contributions.

  • @Hartley A lot of this forum is social dribble. Some entertaining, often not. There are also nuggets of gold if you sift through and find them.

    I think there is a fair amount of advice for new users. We've managed to get a massive advice thread pinned to the top of the forum and that should speak volumes.

    There is a fair amount of scaremongering but there is also a solid "community spirit" that tends to suppress that. But where there is a lot of money involved it's to be expected.

    You seem to have a negative view of forum users promoting their own players. If I think a player will make good returns, I think it's good to promote him and I think I'd be stupid not to own him if I think there's going to be profit involved.

  • As @TomIrving pointed out, the forum is a great place to chat football and connect with other FI users, voice concerns, get a second opinion. I’ve learned massively through the forum. If the thread is just a lame pump I usually don’t even open it. But in the shite there are nuggets of gold. There are always ppl on the forum that know more about certain subjects/players than you. I might be raving about a player, then someone points out he’s total garbage at MB/PB or that he’s a signed a contract in a none PB league and it is very useful info. I remember someone last autumn (someone who doesn’t usually pump) saying check out Vinicius and Rodrygo. So I checked them, liked what I saw and made a large profit. Probably wouldn’t have caught that bus so early and made that profit without the forum. It’s a wealth of knowledge if u know who to listen to and where to look. 🌱👑

  • It serves many purposes. Sadly it has become a bit of a pumping ground...

  • Fair enough, maybe there should just be another thread on the forum called pumping and dumping, then another thread called advice on tactics and changes in the index

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