CHO Instant Sell disabled but still selling??

  • Hey Guys

    I tried to sell some CHO shares last night at £3.93 but couldn't because Instant Sell was disabled for me (probably in an effort to stabilise his price), by 5am this morning he was £3.70 and still couldn't sell and now (8:30am) he has gone down to £3.57 and once again still can't sell !!!

    Why is it Instant Sell is disabled for me (and probably other traders) but his price is still going down? Does FI choose which accounts get disabled for selling?



  • The price still goes down even if you put him in the queue.

    If i was you i would probably hang on to them now as it looks like he has bottomed out at around £3.46 and based on history, he will probably be higher priced than he was before the injury in a couple of months if KDB the ox and others are anything to go by.

    I dont hold him personally btw

  • @Advinculas-Index said in CHO Instant Sell disabled but still selling??:

    If i was you i would probably hang on to them now as it looks like he has bottomed out at around £3.46

    I don't think he's bottomed out, it's just that people haven't been able to IS him since about 11pm last night. He opened up again for 5 minutes and went down 10p.

  • Yeah no way bottomed out instant sell suspended stil drop to 2.80 is i rekon

  • IS is disabled when trading is extremely volatile - protects the traders to some extent... But probably helps the integrity of the software to keep up with the price movements etc.

    Looking at the comments on other Cho threads... Looks like they are opening IS here n there but immediate big drops so the disable kicks in again.

    Sorry to those being burned... I had this with Kane twice and Neymar but nowhere near the drop offs seen here (probably because cho was the house built on sand). Like many tho, the main reason I don't have cho is down to pure luck of being too late to the party.

  • @CLACKETT lower than that I think... Ruptured achilles makes it unlikely we will see him for a year. The rehab is long... Plus Chelsea will now have to go buy a replacement or keep hazard so cho will have to work very hard to get back in the team once he is fit.

    All his links to bayern will die a death so no mb after the next couple of days.

    He is worthless right now and a huge risk to just sit on hundreds of pounds in the hope he comes back strong

  • @Vespasian32 yeah that's true biggest drop on a player since salah last year champions league final. Glad I got out. Feel a bit with a lot invested in him just unfortunate

  • I could be wrong here, but the IS seems like it's a system automated suspension, not sure of the correct term in wording of this, but the IS is there and as soon as it's getting overflooded it goes into automatic suspension and releases when people stop trying, this happened months back with Ronaldo, I just kept pressing and pressing until it worked, I've been watching the Activity for 30min and ppl are using IS for CHO all the time including as we speak... the first ones i saw were higher quantities between 100-300.

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    0_1556009813447_Screenshot_20190423-104849_Chrome Beta.jpg
    0_1556009821165_Screenshot_20190423-104833_Chrome Beta.jpg

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