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  • I’m having a few issues at min and I don’t
    wanna seem like someone who negative
    without reason but I feel this odoi drop is

    Any new user must see this and be like woah
    He’s dropped by such an amount at 18 years
    Old it makes me shudder to think what happens
    If this messi

    Loads of complaints bout Instant sell suspension
    I guess whilst suspended the price was significantly dropped so anyone holding Odoi
    Was potentially losing 33 percent of there
    Investment in one night

    I’m mega concerned anyone who’s bought in
    To get the recent bonus are all goin to sell up
    Once the month up

    I’m concerned that a betting company could
    Start there own index with massive members
    already and affect index

    I’ve gone from been the guy at pub been ridiculed
    for been in a glorified pyramid scheme defending
    FI to now thinking maybe they are right I can’t
    be the only newb thinking this

  • not even read ur post yet just wanted to say i can smell what ur cooking

  • I have a feeling that may be my only
    positive reply

  • @nicky540 Wayyyyy

  • The guy suffered a serious injury. Not like it happened for no reason. Plus all the money is being reinvested elsewhere, so whilst people may have lost on CHO, they may well also be up elsewhere. Also anyone new is unlikley to have gone too heavy in an already over priced CHO? I'm not too worried about the index due to an injury.

  • As a newb i defo seem to be over reacting

    I see odoi been back to current price eventually
    I imagine it won’t be 9 month injury I read the
    Odoi thread before mine I think it tilted me

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  • have you even looked at the ticker and the number of buys ?

    Okay, so he misses 4 games now (which he prob wouldnt have started anyway) and in reality prob out til Xmas. buzz during summer about how he is missing the Nations league, then how he is progressing with recovery. Then the will he wont he be fit for Sept (he won't).

    smart ones are buying now at 3.19 to have 5.00 this time next year. 70% ish return.

  • BTW

    what part of this 'its all doom and gloom and I'm worried' do you think is Helping the Index and your investments ??

    What part ? you're openly starting a panic rumour imo.

    IF you're worried, genuinely, then why not take your money out now with the profit you already have and walk away ?

    the post doesnt do anybody any favours

  • Put all your CHO money into Grujic and you will be in profit again by tea time.

  • @therock you seem quite nervous about this product and i remember you mentioned you sold your whole portfolio after looking at the forum last month and went into panic mode. Patience is key and after another month you're worrying again. I'd recommend maybe playing with a little bit of money here and there and getting to grips with it all and then increasing you're portfolio. We've all made mistakes and I can assure you I have but there is a lot of money to be made. Some you will lose still but at least if your in a loss with a player and feel it's time to get out, you have an opportunity to reinvest and get the money back.

  • I've said this elsewhere but...

    To anyone angry about the huge drop and instant sell being disabled: this is gambling, you are not guaranteed to make money! Players get injured and the stock nose dives. A company issues a profit warning and the stock nose dives. You're not in profit until you sell your asset for more than you paid for it. In actual stock trading you only sell stocks when someone buys it off you, which would be worse for a lot of owners!

  • Appreciate replies I think I maybe need to
    sit on my hands for a month and step back
    instead of everytime it gets a bit tough throwing
    my toys out the pram

    I actually had nothing in odoi but got money
    in messi and a few older players that an injury
    could cause a knee jerk

  • maybe the most interesting
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  • @LuaLua no your role lua lua if you got
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  • @therock my preference is not to buy anyone above 31 really however Messi is probably a keeper, he can still do it for years to come. I may revaluate myself prior to new season and especially when MB opens up to all players as there is more potentional to win more divs. Take your time there is no rush and try not to stress if you see a player in the red. Of course an injury can affect a price and it’s done it for many players but they usually recover

  • @Munchie63 I am sure many who invested post SS are feeling concerned. Not everyone has the benefit of experiencing drops such as these. Even some of the more experienced posters were stating how large the drop was and how quickly it happened on the Odoi topic. Many new investors would have seen posts on this very forum pumping Odoi Post SS and benefiting from the New investors investing their money on him.

    So before you berate concerned Investors who have lost confidence and tell them to pack up and leave, consider the fact he has asked a question many of hundreds are probably asking and if they all take your advice where will that leave both yours and everyone elses investments.

    Surely a more helpful approach would be to point out it happens ,yet recovers in most cases ,and you have 3 options.

    1/ Hold on to any shares you have in CHO and wait out the injury as you will likely recover a good % of your investment.
    2/ Instant Sell and take the loss, putting it down to experience and reinvest.
    3/ Hold for 3 years or a profit at a % you like!

    Advise for future investment to have a diverse portfolio with not to many eggs in one basket.

    If your worried about scaring off new investors your approach could have just the same affect if they feel they aren't supported on the platforms own website.

  • @LuaLua Inmature posters???

  • Thanks for your in put I will be staying and
    it was a genuine concern I thought the reaction
    was to severe earlier and with more experience
    I would of benefited

    I prob read to much on here and worrying
    snippets seem to stay with me I prob over
    invested initially because I joined like three
    days before SS so wen my portfolio instantly
    boomed I got over keen and then pumped in
    more than should of

    Lessons will be learned

  • @Earshavewalls fair point pal.

    The OP had a wobble this morning and a panic.

    My point wasnt meant to be bugger off, more a case of if you've lost faith and are worried about rival companies, pyramid claims etc then its best to cash out now and not have the stress.

    I havent been here long enough to see a drop like Cho, but it was the likely outcome with a player trading high and a long term injury.

    simply looking at the rest of the index, and a lot of green should have calmed him down.

    But that doesnt take away the fears about a rival company etc. We (all of us) need to have faith and confidence in the market and the developers.

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