Let this be a lesson.

  • Was just thinking of the huge impact that Callum hudson odoi's injury has caused, it made me think of a post i read the other day about running a portfolio for a family member, Jesus Christ imagine you'd just decided to do that last week with a few grand or even 5 figures, one of your 1st buys is CHO at around £4.70, an English youngster on fire with a very bright future, also great to have for the summer period with Bayern among others lurking... Boom I'll buy 1000 for around £4700
    1 week later you see he's starting for Chelsea at home against a poor Burnley, this should be fun, 41min into the game CHO hobbles off, I'm guessing you wouldn't dare to use IS with your dad's, Brother's, cousin's account, you go to sleep, or at least try to sleep, wake up the next morning hoping the injury isn't as serious as they feared, open the FI account and see an IS price now around £2.70... £2 lower than you purchased, not even counting the 2% 😱😱😱

    This should be a lesson learnt for all traders, things are not always pink and rosy like you think, NEVER, i repeat NEVER get involved in someone else's Portfolio.

    And I'm aware that there are some success stories here, but why would you want to take that risk, every player is one injury away from a disaster here.

    It's called GAMBLING 😉

  • Well said. A reminder why diversification is key, and never invest what you can't afford to lose.

    I think this comes even more to the forefront during promotional times... When I'd hazard a guess some people put in money they can't really afford to lose... Just looking at that 10% bonus in a quick turnaround.

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  • Depends on what percentage of your PF you hold in a player. 10 players at 10% is not a meltdown if one is CHO. Maybe you temporarily lose a third (3%), it's nothing. I've only got a few k in, and it's all in 4 players (Geubbels,Werner, Weah, Konate). I can afford to lose it, but it also gives me the fastest way to increase profit. If CHO was one of mine, I'd lose maybe 8% for now as a third, but I would have to hold, as I'm not going to be monitoring players 24/7.

  • I know the thread you're talking about, and I get what you mean.

    But, would you really take £4700 of new money and put it straight into a player at an almost high price ?

    Spreading that around 6 potential transfers would earn more imo, Fernandes, Zaha, Neres etc, than in one basket.

    get waht you mean though.

    That said........take the money Now and put it on at 3.20 and its happy days.

  • Wasn't talking about % though, was talking about bad timing, and was also talking about the chance of it being a 5 figure portfolio... I'm just imagining someone with shit loads of money lying in the bank, and i also said happening 1 week a go, if you'd started 1 week ago then many of the big boys have dropped slightly, Pogba, Messi, Hazard just to name a few.. It's highly likely that a portfolio started a week ago is already in the red.
    Let's just say that some crazy father gave you 20k to play with 😁 and you had bought 1000 CHO for £4700 like i said. Then you are stuck with the choice of holding on for a possible 9 months or using IS and losing around £2k, that's a 10% drop to start your journey, I'm not trying to scare anyone from trading, but just don't even consider trading for a family member or friend.
    I've been in a situation where my portfolio has been in the red at say 8% and still managed to turn that to around 50% in the green, it's a pretty common lesson we go through as newbies, but I wouldn't want to be in that situation for someone else.
    And I bought 800 CHO at close to top price so why wouldn't anyone else?? I fully know how the market works and might have sold up in the summer period, but obviously that plan is dead and buried.

  • Could be worse - on my FM save he ends up having a bog standard career and ends up at Celtic (who knows, he still might!)

  • @stumac85 said in Let this be a lesson.:

    Could be worse - on my FM save he ends up having a bog standard career and ends up at Celtic (who knows, he still might!)

    The worst of all possible fates...

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