Mikel Oyarzabal

  • Surely I’m not the only one that thinks this guy is going to get a big move sooner rather than later? Links with bigger clubs in the past and only 212_1556017286683_B64C93FD-EAB3-47EB-81CC-F295477F198C.jpeg 1_1556017286683_47ED6238-8647-4774-A0C8-4E410F3F35BD.png 0_1556017286682_05C09D32-6D17-4137-86B6-E3095D0E9DEC.png

  • I'm a massive fan and have only recently purchased as his price has not moved much over the last season... I think he'll probably eventually get a move to Real Madrid which unfortunately after an initial spike might not do that much good to his price? Think Ceballos, Vazquez and other comparables that haven't set the world alight... BUT i do think he's one to watch and one of the best youngsters in Spain so a good summer tournament could bring him some positive kudos?

  • I've been saying this for ages, so undervalued currently. I'm hoping he's going to have a great summer at the euros too.

  • Love watching him play... Not really on my FI radar... Tho he does get some good PB scores and 12 goals from midfield is impressive. I don't venture into La Liga often tho now the games are not in Sky or BT.

    One of the things that puts me off is FI categorising him as a striker. If they switch him to midfield id buy

  • @Vespasian32 Really impressive - I always try to watch Sociedad play - and he's such a classy player. I've always been slightly surprised he's never been brought into a more central position, he's a great finisher

  • I'm already on him.

    He has a good record in the league And the U21s.

    There will be scouts galore at that tournament and if he plays well that could swing a move.

    Also taken a punt on Hallilovic. At 17 I thought he was going to be the next Modric but he hasnt come through. Still young though and a good Euro for him and he may get another chance

  • Nice to see positive thoughts guys, I was given negative thoughts on a Facebook page when I put this discussion up 😂

  • @Barkez_86 Looks like he's going to get top forward today as well - think people will start taking notice now

  • He’s brilliant! Will be the key figure for Spain u21 this summer. Expect his price to keep on increasing. Topped up on Thursday which was perfect timing

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