• Hi there, fairly new to index. Have been watching and buying/selling small scale for a month or two. Have 4/5k to invest for new season , gonna use 1k now as a start up. There seems to be MB focused members and price appreciation members. Where would you advise me to start at this stage of the season?

  • There are blatant obvious players who will get transfer related MB over the summer: Zaha, Ramsey, Ozil, Hazard, etc.

    I'm looking for players who are replacing those players.
    One example I'm on who is already rising is Donyell Malen who will take Hirving Lozano's place in the PSV team.
    Another is Ryan Gravenberch who is in line to get into the Ajax first 11 now de Jong is leaving.

    With Ramsey off and nobody knowing what goes on between Ozil's eyes finding Arsenal's next number 10 or a youngster involved in the discussion will be massive for capital appreciation.

  • There are different ways to participate. The main ways you make money are:

    Dividends - These come in various forms. Media dividend (MB); performance dividend (PB) and in play dividends (IPD). IPD is less relevant now, due to the fact the end of season is coming up so there will be a big sell off of those players soon.
    Over the summer, the MB is the biggest payout you'll get. The majority of days, there will be 5 places that pay out. Check out their dividend table for that.

    Capital appreciation - you buy a player at £2. He rises to £3. You sell. That's the theory anyway :D

    Generally speaking, transfer rumours can cause prices to rise. Don't take this as a given but it tends to happen. The big players that will transfer are also more likely to win MB, so it can be good on both accounts :)

    Hope that helps

  • @Lukeroro Agree on Gravenberch. I've bought quite a few but I still feel he's a very good price for a team that'll be in the Champions League next season and has a great reputation for bringing quality young players through.

  • Make sure to mix it up a bit so that if someone drops, you can cover it with gains elsewhere.

    A few, 'certain to move', players like Rabiot, Werner(contracts up), a few likely moves - Neres, Tielemans and then a few that you think are generally underpriced(i think Salah is shockingly underpriced given Liverpool could win league and champions league still). Top it up with a few future stars, chukwueze or chong, and you should be covered

  • STRATEGY.... I say this to everyone... its all very well putting 4 or 5k in... what are you expecting to take out?? how often do you want to take back out?? what do you want from investing it all? what time scales are you working to??? how active do you want to be??? you can easily double your money investing in the right area (which is a nice simple philosophy) but when you reach your goal depends on how you invest and what you invest in!!!

    Ignore all the above until you know your own strategy and time scales!!!

  • Well, the Index has the 10% bonus on until the end of the month so putting more in now would give you that extra 10% straight away (well, 1st May)

    But, there is the risk that prices will rise for the next week as more money goes in (which seems to be happening) and we don't know how much will get taken out, and a possible drop on 1st May.

    Has to be totally your call mate, but wasn't sure if you joined after the bonus announcement.

    As others have said, spreading the risk a bit will help. I've seen 60% rises in Odegaard and De Ligt, but either of those could have picked up an injury as CHO did last night and it would be a very different picture.

    good luck.

  • @Munchie63 was scrolling through waiting for someone to point out the obvious. 10% is healthy roi in anyone's books... You get that for free on anything you invest now so I wouldn't stockpile the 5k and drip feed it.

    Right now there is plenty of money to be had on good cheap young players that can move to PB leagues in summer... Either through transfer, returning from loan, or promotion.

    I would want some of these (plenty of cheap player threads and individual player threads to look through on the forum)... Mixed with some solid MB dividend earners...

    Hazard T
    Hazard E

    Any of those should be in wjth a shout of cap ap and dividends over the summer.

  • @Vespasian32

    take out those top 4 big guns and you've read my mind.
    Along with Bruno Fernandes, Odegaard, Brandt, Olmo, Tagliafico.

    Thats around 10-12 names there with transfer speculation.

    My only word of warning was when the bonus ends do we see a dip or do FI users see the bigger picture and hold ready for the summer and pre-season.

  • @Munchie63 it could go the other way... With people waking up to a balance of a few hundred quid we could see lots of it traded that day.

    I suspect itl balance out with some withdrawing and some investing.

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