Spreadsheet or database

  • Hey guys,
    I've had a spreadsheet going but it's hard to keep it up to date. I was wondering if anyone's tried creating a database instead and seeing how it goes?
    I have tried the Football Index Scout spreadsheet but it didn't work too well for me...

  • I have/had a spredsheet which i'm far to busy to update weekly on computer too. Would love a mobile option if anyone has a shout of one.

  • What kinda data do you keep on this spreadsheet? Just pb scores?
    cause i think noirx4 has a massive database for that at 2£ a month

  • @LuaLua I've tried keeping everything. Purchase/sales, deposits/withdrawals, PB/MB. Just found it difficult to keep everything going.

  • I simipily keep track of my overall portfolio once a day by tracking 3 data points: Amount invested (i.e. total deposits), portfolio worth (i.e. portfolio + any balance) and total dividend income. Very simply and doesn’t look into individual players but it can track ROI, dividend ROI and +/- from previous day.

  • Looking into a live database as I have for my Betfair activity. It will keep the prices of my portfolio up to date and record dividends etc. My pet geek is enquiring as to the possibility of FI supplying API access the same as Betfair does for developers. However I have my doubts as to the software FI use being sophisticated enough to enable API at present.

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