Marko Grujic

  • There has just been a bunch of reports on Athletico Madrid wanting Grujic. Has impressed on loan at Hertha BSC. Wondering what everyones opinions are

  • I think he was Klopps first signing and held in high regard. Its win win.... I've long said he's my safest hold in portfolio... He either goes back to Liverpool and goes to £1-2 just being a rotation... And if he breaks into the team the even more. Or he transfers to a bigger better team than Hertha.

  • @Vespasian32 Agreed, I mean he has obviously impressed to have Athletico looking at him for a loan to buy of up to 45+ million. This is new news so I'm sure his price will go up. But I can't see Klopp wanting him out especially as he has impressed since being on loan as well as perhaps a bit of stubbornness due to him being his first signing haha.

  • @Vespasian32 why would he hit £1-2 at Liverpool? Look at how much Liverpool's starting midfielders are... Gini 33p, Henderson 45p, Milner 84p (and he takes the penos) all currently play in Grujic's position

  • @9stevo growth... Projection etc... If he's 62p while at Hertha I see him around £1 at Pool. The trio you mentioned have age against them... Hendos form is often criticised and always risk he gets replaced. Gigi looks undervalued but rotated a lot.

    Keita closer style and age to Grujic is £1.14... So I'd put his price would hover similarly to that mark.

  • @Vespasian32 Fair play I was just curious. I was personally under the impression that Grujic was more defensive but I've not really looked into him so I'm probably wrong! Gini I actually very rarely rotated (until recently when he looked absolutely goosed so missed a couple of games, Porto and Chelsea) if you look at his stats you'll see he played almost every game for liverpool and holland until early march its insane how low his price is given how vital he is to the side. He's been Klopp's go to CM all season.

  • Really want to get in on this guy but no funds until Thursday, hope he doesn't rise too much in the meantime!

  • Would Grujic potentially coming back push Lallana out of Liverpool?
    Like him as a player and he's only somewhere around 40p when I last checked. I know he's had his injury problems but fully capable when fit and in form

  • @Neil2265 I personally think Lallana is done regardless of Grujic. I like him too but I think he'll move on

  • If Majko Grujic is considered to be a safe placement of funds due to either going back to LFC or moving on from Hertha to a bigger club, what about Alexander Isak then? Same comparison could be made between the two where he plays in Dortmund, currently loaned out to Willem in Eredivisie, with his form at the moment surely he would either go back to Dortmund or move on to a better club? I think the kid has scored his last 10 or 11 games if I'm not mistaken and he is only 19 years of age .

    Ps: Was thinking of making a separate thread but figured I'd just post here instead.

  • @limitless yeh I'm a big fan of isak... Don't hold at the moment... I've made good money on him twice... Keep selling too early.

    However, Barca want to sign him... Which wouldn't be great for his immediate dividend potential.

    Outside chance of Chelsea coming in for him tho which would be good for his MB and £££

  • @Vespasian32 My point exactly, whatever happens it would benefit his career either way, thus his price would increase the upcoming months just as Majko Grujic if you would compare the two. Would be a massive boost for him if Willem managed to win the dutch cup as well.

  • Personally even though Grujic is a good player I think Liverpool will cash in on him as they have very similar style of players, Lallana will also go. It's hard to criticise Liverpool acheivement this year. If they miss out on the title the only thing you could say is they could do with a top class attacking midfielder, who can open up a defence and offer something different. They have lacked that option in the 7 drawn games. Grujic IMO will have a good career elsewhere.

  • @John-D I think that man is Ox-Chambo just very unlucky he missed the whole season

  • If he goes to Atletico he could go all the way to the price of Koke, who is a better player. 😐

  • @John-D I think Grujic is similar to Can... Happy to play deep but good engine to get forward. 6'3 but crafty ball player too. They have missed Can.

  • @Vespasian32 have we fuck missed Can 😂🤣😂 thats utter nonsense! Fab is easily twice the player

  • @9stevo I forgot you had fabinho as he doesn't seem to get a game! Can was a beast... Unappreciated by Liverpool fans.

  • @Vespasian32 fucking hell?! How many times in the last two years have you watched Liverpool play an actual 90 minute game (not highlights) I appreciate you have a lot of shares in Grujic and you're trying to protect his value by pumping but have some integrity in what you write. Some of the nonsense you're spouting on here is embarrassing, Can is a beast, Liverpool miss him (I go the game and nobody has mentioned him all season because he's literally not been missed), Gini is rotated a lot, Fab doesn't get a game, come on mate give it a rest hey!!!

  • @9stevo I’m in with 100 Grujic now. I think this is a fairly sound investment and most definitely a medium term hold.

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