Grealish - peak price?

  • As someone who joined after the share split I was wondering what I can expect the peak price of people like grealish to go up to, he has risen 33p since I bought him and is now around 2.11 per share, do you think hes nearing his peak or do the prices get ridiculous during the transfer windows?

  • Depends on whether Villa go up through the play-offs.

    If they don't he will probably get transfer speculation, if they do he will probably give them another year & see how it goes.

  • There is in all honesty not that much downside that I can see which is why his price just slowly but surely heads north.

  • I have held since early March and seen his price double.

    Good young English prospect (since switching in 2015)

    No sign of his price falling while Villa are still in the hunt for a place in The Prem.

    If Villa get promoted then he will be playing in the Prem

    If not a fair chance of a transfer so I would hold for now.

    If traders start to take the profit then reconsider

  • I think he's the real deal. Will be a premier league player next season whether at Villa or elsewhere. Potential regular dividend returner.

  • Still rising. Only linked with Palace so far. I think a couple of other clubs will go in especially if Villa miss promotion. 32p rise so far for me. My biggest since starting FI 2 weeks ago.

  • one to keep an eye on, IF villa get promoted I would be using IS as quick as I could but if they dont I think he will rise further due to transfer spec.

    if he stays with villa (who will be a poor prem side) he wont be worth anywhere near that amount

  • Would be great if the playoffs were included in the match day rankings

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