Instant sell vs Sell to market.

  • Hi i am pretty new to all this. How does this feature work.
    Do i receive less for instant sell? The sell price i see is the same price as instant sell when i click on it.
    Any help/advice would be great.

  • Market Selling
    You get the published 'buy price' at the time of the sale less 2% commission paid to Football Index.
    (Another user has to buy the future - the futures are placed in a first listed first sold queue so you might be waiting a while depending on: a) length of sell queue b) demand or lack thereof).

    Instant sell
    You get the published 'sell price' less 2% commission.
    (The futures are sold immediately, no queue).

  • With the sell price we then have to do a seperate calculation of 2% lost commission? Or is this 2% included in the highlighted sell price box already?

  • Thanks for getting back to me.
    So for eg if i sell Neymar to the market i would receive the buy price of £3.76 per future minus 2% commission.
    If i instant sell i would receive the sell price £3.66 per future minus 2% commission.

    Am i understanding that correctly?

  • Exactly that RE your Neymar example, spot on.

    And RE the previous point about the 2% commission, it is not displayed within the sell price so it is indeed an extra calculation you need to work out before deciding whether or not you want to sell any futures.

    A great, simple site for percentage calculations is:

  • Great,
    Thank you for helping me understand :)

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