Can't help thinking.....

  • That alot of people are taking the wrong lesson from CHO's injury.

    I didn't get on the CHO train initially because I didn't get in early enough to catch him at a good price. But regardless of the index it's always sad to see players going down with injury.

    Some seem to think it shows that the youth trend is a fools game. Which is a silly comparason. Youth is a gamble because your betting based on what they could become. But no one is immune from serious injury. Some MB magnets might have a bit less risk attached, but there isn't a single player on the index who's value wouldn't plummet if they had a serious long term injury.

    I think if there is a lesson, it's the importance of diversifying the risk, all eggs in one basket is just 1 small mishap from disaster.

    There are pros and cons of investing in young players before they have proven themselves. But CHOs injury shouldn't really change any of those pros or cons.

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