Prices falling

  • Anyone know why Neymars and Sanchos prices are falling for no apparent reason? Sancho on a scoring run and Neymar now back from injury. Don't understand. Is it people being scared from what happened to CHO?

  • probably.

    People panicking that a high priced player getting an injury could hit their Port by 30%.

    But injuries can happen anytime unfortunately. In the long term, Cho will regain all that money and more imo.

    They're likely just selling then re-investing to spread the risk.

  • Yeah shouldn't be anything to worry about. I'm certainly not panic selling.

  • And am I right in thinking that these are all insta sells? And that the only time you can sell to market is when the price is rising?

  • @Riparsene you can sell to market when they are falling if you set a reserve price which is lower than the current sell price. If you don't set a reserve and the price is falling you will likely have a long wait though you could get lucky.

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