A month in...current progress??

  • Hi there,
    I've been with FI for a month now and I wanted to assess my performance and see whether I'm doing well considering I'm a month in.

    I've invested £430.00 so far and the current value is £436.06. I've received 7.58 in dividends (Will be more because of Eriksen winner tonight) Is this in-line with what be expected in the first month.

    My portfolio has a mixture of top players, undervalued players (Eriksen, Son, Bernado Silva etc..), Reliable performers (Geudes, Kostic, Sarabia etc..) and some youth prospects which is just me rolling the dice and hoping one comes good.

    I've also had to deal with the price crash of Kane and CHO's injuries.

    I love this platform, I've actually stopped traditional betting as a result.

  • Considering the kane/CHO injuries you're doing well imo, most would be down if they had a reasonable amount in either.

  • Yeah if you can stomach two big injuries in a month then you're diversifying nicely.

  • @NewUser225537

    You joined at an unfortunate time.

    A month ago, the share-split happened and in the 2 months leading in to that, every man and his dog threw their money in to the top end of the market. CHO, Pogba, Messi, Rashford... all went nuts.

    Then you've joined... and people started pulling out of the top and putting their money elsewhere or taking their profits, etc. And obvs the two bad injuries.


    I'd say, you've probably done well to come out £6 up... given the big crashes. But I'd also say, that you can expect much bigger growth in future months.

    I only joined at Christmas, so don't feel like I've been here long enough to experience what a 'Typical month' is, but my growth for the first 3 months was 25% overall and this month... even with some great risers, I've had to combat some big falls and I'm probably only 2-3% up for the month.

  • Id say your doing fine, its harder to make gains when you have less money invested, also easier to have big losses i guess.
    Im left feeling fustrated by the fact i can only chip in small amounts weekly (like £40/50) so having a over a 100 shares in someone is quite hard.
    But i currently have around £1300 invested and im £250 up, with £21 dividends.
    Recently changing my tactics, and looking for capital growth over 1-5 months to try and increase my portfolio, then hopefully delve back into dividend winners

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