Angry Alena owner

  • Gutted that a long term hold of mine didn’t get not only best midfielder but also star player. Joint with Eriksen but 2nd. When players have same points how is 1st vs 2nd decided?

  • @NewUser142017 Youngest wins so actually Alena should be number 1 :-)

  • Screenshot it and wait and see. If they pay out to Eriksen then get on to customer services.

  • should be Alena, as he is younger, even though Erikson scored the only goal and played the full 90

    yep....I hold him

  • @Allams-Out is this actually true?

  • @NewUser142017


    FI look at which was the most glamourous game, then what each goal looked like....a 25 yarder for CE, then how mnay goals were scored in the game.....and if its still a draw give it to the player who tops MB too

  • Alena will likely get paid out, sick as an Eriksen holder especially because the ball was out twice but the substitution wasn't made as Arthur stood on the sideline, Alena went on to get 1 extra point to tie before it was made 😭

  • @NewUser142017 don't worry, I've seen the youngest in wrong position before but they still pay out on youngest, you'll have your dividends in about 1hour and 20min 😁

  • Bonus Eriksen divs paid... thanks FI. Now pay up Alena owners too...

  • @Hotspur said in Angry Alena owner:

    Bonus Eriksen divs paid... thanks FI. Now pay up Alena owners too...

    They really are a very giving bunch 😂😂

  • @Andy-M I was behind the goal for Eriksen winner too... my lucky night!

  • @Hotspur you know the reason he scored and got paid incorrectly?? Because i went against my gut feeling to buy 600 this morning, would have been a nice pick me up after the trauma this week has brought.

  • @Andy-M typical eh. Please let me know your next gut feeling and I'll cash in.

  • @NewUser142017

    I think you have good grounds to feel aggrieved, further I think you should be compensated.

    I think you should be paid double on Alena.
    I think this should be the case for all investors holding this player.

    There is a significant impact on the appreciation spike of the player in question when this happens.
    These mistakes cost people money and they should be compensated.

    I suspect Mesut Ozil is heading up the team of developers, because they certainly aren't justifying their salaries.

    You hold a player for months waiting for one big game, one big spike, then that investment is essentially down the drain through no fault of the investor.

    Alena has risen by around 20%, typical of a young PB winning prospect at that sort of price, however if he isn't listed as the star player for the following 24 hours, I'm suggesting that figure will fall more than it usually would.

    I'd guesstimate the loss to be around 5-10%, which is actually pretty significant, particularly for those with large holdings in fewer players.

  • @C-Arroyo I have profited in the short term from a glitch tonight but in the long term I am worried. These glitches will ultimately undermine confidence in the platform unless eradicated.

  • Did anyone get paid out for Alena? I’ve contacted Customer service, and agree with your statement that Alena May lose more value because he’s not shown as a dividend winner. These mistakes seem quite amateur from FI

  • I don't understand why FI don't employ someone to monitor these forums, twitter and various facebook pages to foresee these problems and alert their technical team in advance. I sold Eriksen last week and I don't hold Alena so this personally doesn't affect me but it does undermine confidence in a week when confidence has been knocked due to CHO injury and big crashes.

    There are plenty of people on here in the evening who I am sure could do that job effectively.

  • This is the second PB error this week for when players tie...Sule should have won PB at the weekend instead of Hastelburger. FI are aware. It must be a system fix needed. So now it's happened again hopefully it helps them identify they need to fix the PB system to reward the younger in a tie. But for once, it's an error in my favour, sent my Eriksen winnings this morning.

  • Bit odd, but isn't it also listed as a single day dividend, but on the weekly sheet says 23/04 double match day?

  • Does it categorically state anywhere that the youngest player is awarded top spot in the event of a draw?

    Can’t say I’ve seen it in the rules but not really looked for it either.

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