Man City value for tonight?

  • Will Man City add to united woes?

    Can Man Utd bounce back and upset the odds of a tonking?

    I got £60 quid spare and really fancy dropping on a player for a quick increase or if not just a hold for as long as needed.

    So peeps. Would you steer clear of this match or can you feel something in your water?

  • Lukaku at £1.46. Can't really get much lower in my opinion. If he gets a goal id fancy him to kick on and get a brace. Worth a punt in my eyes.

  • Personally I'd go sterling

  • Its an interesting one, personally I dont see city players getting big rises from this game, unless the likes of foden plays, its an expected city win in my opinion.
    But, if i had to take a punt? I would go rashford. (I hold a small amount) a united 1-0 win with Rashford goal would see media all over him

  • I wouldn't advise buying expensive players on a gamble for one game. If you wanted to do that then a bookie is a far better option. For example, Rashford is 10/1 first goal scorer tonight, that's a far better return than you would get on the index.

  • @Chickenman looking at his map he is just dropping and dropping.

    I would dive on, but I just don’t feel it. Is he going to be a starter in next years first ole team???? If so I can see him rising back.

    So short to mid term hold.

  • @GA been watching his price. Dropping nicely and maybe a decent time to buy.

    It has the hallmarks of a 0-0. Maybe I should be looking at Valencia as they are still in Europe lol.

  • @GA Considering Rashfords price slump will continue if he doesn’t score, anyone would be better off backing him to score anytime at around the 3/1 mark. Unfortunate but true.

  • Yeah i guess soo, but what we have to remember is, if rhashford fails to score in the game, your investment will go down, but as we all know, he will go above £4 again, its inevitable (my opinion)
    Where as with bookies that money will be gone.
    But i get what you saying, for pure gamble reasons you would be better off with bookies on that one.

  • Koke for Athletico is drawing me in now lol.

    Oh damn. I need to stop looking at this bloody site grrrrrr.

    Mountino for wolves is an option too!!!!

  • Sane to start and expect a bump on the price, City will wallop United by 4 or 5, Pogba will get sent off and win Media Buzz and Sterling to score a brace.
    8 seconds Last night, 8 bloody seconds...

  • @Happy-Hornet toooooooooo much. Toooooo much mi head hurts.

    Nearly 250 shares for the wolves man. If they score it’s either him or he sets them up. Good avg Match Performance scores too!!!!!


  • Gone rashford. Media like him. 5 places in summer.

    Makes sense right?

  • I’d go sterling or Foden. If he scores again his price will rocket. Provided he starts of course. For United rashford probably the best bet imo

  • certainly wouldn't steer clear of the match as whoever wins it will be MB magnate for the evening so returns almost guaranteed from the game... Whether it be Pogba, Rashford or Aguero or Sterling I don't know...? But I feel City will be too strong to slip up.

    Maybe 0-1 and a bit tighter and duller than we hope for so maybe if anything City defenders could be good value for PB opps?

  • Leroy... If he starts, he'll tear Ashley Young a new one.

  • Hmmm wouldn't touch this game either, was looking at Foden just because he'll possibly start in a Manchester Derby, just not worth at that price.

    Maybe a price rise in Inaki Williams if he can have a good game, still only 24yrs old, 11 goals and 4 assists in league alone, 61p, difficult to lose money.

  • Kompany got the top defender. Woohoo! Legend.

  • @Clover said in Man City value for tonight?:

    Kompany got the top defender. Woohoo! Legend.

    Not sure how OPTA worked that out, listened to radio & he did NOTHING just unbelievable, Wolves Doherty got GWG & still didn't win - UNBELIVABLE.

  • @NewUser159387 Suppose that is statistics. They just don't give all the story but the scores are based off those actions.

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