Luka Jovic

  • Links across numerous sites today to both liveroool and Real Madrid.

    At £2.60 do people think he has topped out or is there room for him to increase a bit more?

  • As a Timo Werner holder I have to go by Werner price, almost identical situation and he is £2 so I don't think Jovic can go much higher.

  • Problem is it was Timo Werner for Liverpool at 1/5 on yesterday and David Neres the day before. If he was joining Liverpool I would expect an increase, if it is Real Madrid will that get much media and he would probably drop initially after the transfer.

    I don't hold but I wouldn't be tempted at this price based on the number of links Liverpool have had to different players.

  • Both good points.

    I’ve got a feeling there might be a tiny bit scope for movement. Think I’ll take a punt with a few hundred shares and see how he gets on over the next week

  • Transfer rumours and a home game against Chelsea coming up. Surely only going in one direction in the next couple of weeks?

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