David neres

  • Neres linked to a few premier clubs......still in champs league.......Dutch champions a possibility.....came on for Brazil and turned the game latest......MBpoints....PB points......ipd points.... just over £2 per future.......young......skilful......... what do other people think or am I just blinkered because I have a chunk of him....... should I top up or leave it simmering or should I sell.....appreciate all views...

  • I’ve got around 650 shares in him, stupidly bought them at the top end of around £2.32 after the juventus win and all he’s done is dip since.

    But I’ll be holding, I’m confident that Ajax will knock spurs out and reach the final.

    If neres plays well he will have exposure to British football fans and his price could rocket.

    Easily could be a £3 player

  • He's technically a very good player. If he performs well in either semi final match, his price will go through the roof! I think there will be a question mark over his future this summer and his value will be hugely affected by a potential move. I saw today that Everton have been linked. If he's playing in a PB league and is looking like he'll be a starter, you could have some tidy profit on your hands.

    At this point, he's still good value in my opinion. Once he gets to around £2.50, it'll all depend on his next move

  • @SgtSnowman I’m sure there’s truth in what you say, ifs and maybes, but that’s what makes FI interesting.

  • I would be careful with him though, I agree that if they beat spurs his price will probably increase quite a bit. However if Spurs knock them out we could see some unwarranted panic selling. If that happens that is when I will be buying in as I agree he has a good future ahead

  • @TraderJ

    I agree it risky but worth a gamble I would say especially at his current price. All goes down to the spurs game. They win hide price sores, they lose it is a significant drop. The same happened with Felix joao but he recovered in a few days due to the media buzz around him and the transfer speculation.

    For me neres is currently a great price, if I had anymore to invest in him I would at this current price

  • There shouldn’t be panic selling his price is due to links with prem clubs and pb leagues.

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